2020 John Deere Combine Price

John Deere is popular for its quality products. John Deere has a very vast history in producing tractors and farm implement. John Deere supplies their quality products worldwide at a very large scale. John Deere wins the trust of farmers through their products. John Deere harvesters are sale in India at a huge quantity. John Deere also manufactures mini harvester which also proves good in fields. John Deere tractor harvester produces harvester at a very affordable price. John Deere 5310 harvester price is economical and comes with advanced features. 

Features of 2020 John Deere Combine;

Self-cleaning radiator:-

  • The self-cleaning radiator is a unique feature of the W70 Combine Harvester that enhances engine life by helping to prevent radiator choking. The suction duct provided releases chaff and other foreign material normally held on the surface of the screen by a suction mechanism. It reduces the manpower that was required to clean the radiator.

Electrically-operated header reel speed adjustment:-

  • The W70 Combine Harvesters is electrically controlled and consists of a variable-speed motor mechanism, enabling the operator to change the reel speed from the operator’s station with the help of a switch located on the instrument panel. The operator can vary reel speed based on the crop conditions—down, tangled, wet, heavy weeds, heavy stemmed, tall and short crops.

Adjustable floating drum-type feeder house:-

  • Crop material is cut and gathered by the header, it passes through the feeder house drum, and then the feeder house conveyor chain sends it to the threshing system. The floating drum allows adjustments in height as per the crop mat coming from the header. This reduces choking and maximizes smooth flow of crop.

Six-bat reel:-

  • The six-bat reel is a unique feature that is not available in other competitive combine harvesters in India.The evenly structured large-diameter reel has six bats, ensuring even loading and avoids crop clogging.

Tilt steering and adjustable operator’s seat:-

  • Ergonomically designed, the tiltable steering column and adjustable operator’s seat gives a comfortable driving experience and cause less fatigue to the operator, even in long hours of operation. The seat can be adjusted up and down as well as forward and backward as per the operator’s comfort.

Turbocharged 4-cylinder engine:-

  • Equipped with a reliable, fuel-efficient John Deere 4039 100-hp engine, the W70 combine harvester has good lugging power and in comparison to the competition, there is less rpm drop even at peak load conditions.The four-speed transmission system optimizes the ground speed as per field and crop conditions and thus gives better mileage.

Posi-Torq™ Drive:-

  • The W70 Combine Harvester has a variable-speed ground drive with the Posi-Torq mechanism in the lower unit. This mechanism helps the harvester to work even in moist and undulating fields, offering easy maneuverability. The engine drive transmits power to the ground drive’s upper unit and then to its lower unit. Due to the automatic variation in variable speeds, the belt tension is managed well and helps the combine to work in moist and undulating fields, offering good maneuverability.   

Beater and Beater Grate:-

  • The beater and beater grate is another unique feature of the W70 Combine Harvesters. The beater has eight wings and rotates on an axis parallel to the axis of the normal rotor and concave This increases threshing capacity significantly.
  • A large inertia drum and long concave separation area can easily be set to perform in a wide range of crops and conditions. A speed differential between the crop and drum speed results in thorough initial threshing.A large-diameter beater provides excellent material handling and additional separation as the second concave extends the separation area.
  • Adjustable cutterbar results in efficient feeding
  • Adjustable cutterbar results in efficient feeding
  • 3- Lever Hydraulic Valve
  • Dust Diverter
  • Light Weight Machine
  • Wobble box technology

Product Specification

BrandJohn Deere
Model Name/Number4039
Power HP100 HP
Number of Straw Walker4
Clutch TypeDry Friction Disc
Grain Tank Capacity2.7 M3
Cleaning Area2.45 M
Cooling SystemCoolent
Fuel Tank Capacity240 L
Ground Clearance-415 Mm
Tyre Size Front16.9 x 30,12 PR
No. of Cylinder4
No. of Gears4 Forward,1 Reverse
Tyre Size Rear7.5 x 16,12 PR

Prices of 2020 John Deere Combine:

$11,000.00 -$61,500.00

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