30 Aquarium Stand is a high-quality aquarium stand made of wood. The product is designed in such a way that it can accommodate all sizes of aquariums. The stand comes with a complete set of accessories that are necessary for installation.

The 30 Aquarium Stand is very easy to set up and install. It provides an ideal place to keep your aquarium, which enhances its look and provides comfort to the fish inside it.

The 30 Aquarium Stand is a high-quality stand designed to hold your fish tank securely and safely. The stand can be adjusted to fit any size, shape, or style of aquarium, so you can feel confident that your aquarium will stay put, even during rough weather. This stand is made from heavy-duty materials that are sure to last for years. The stand also comes with special drainage holes in the bottom so you can pour water out without worrying about damaging your flooring or carpeting. The 30 Aquarium Stand is the perfect way to keep your aquarium looking great and safe for years to come!

1. Aqueon Products Fish Tank Aquarium Stand

  • You’re getting a 30 gallon capacity with this black metal stand. Assembly is required, and the dimensions are: 30″ L x 13″ W x 30″ H. It weighs 32 lbs, making it easy to move around as needed.
  • The Aqueon Products Fish Tank Aquarium Stand comes with four foot pads for stability. It has a contemporary look that will complement any home or office decor.
  • This stand is good for both saltwater and freshwater aquariums.

2. Imagitarium Newport Wooden Tank Stand – for 20 Gallon Tanks

The Imagitarium Newport Wooden Tank Stand is another aquarium stand that allows you to incorporate your aquarium into a piece of furniture. The Imagitarium stand is designed for 20 gallon tanks and comes in two colors; black and espresso.

If you are looking for a wood aquarium stand, this is your best option on the market. It comes with adjustable leg levelers so you can ensure the stand doesn’t wobble as your fish swims around. This stand doesn’t have any fancy features, but it’s sturdy and looks great in any room!

3. Aquatic Fundamentals Upright Aquarium Stand with Storage – Black 30-Gallon

If you have a 30 gallon aquarium, you need the Aquatic Fundamentals Upright Aquarium Stand with Storage – Black. This black stand is durable and easy to assemble. It’s made of melamine and medium-density fiberboard (MDF) so it will last long. The design allows for storage space to help keep your room tidy. Its dimensions are: 30.5″L x 13.25″W x 30.75″H, making it the perfect fit for your aquarium! It has a price of $87.99 which is great considering its high quality materials and extra storage space!

4. ComSaf Fish Aquarium Stand Wood, 28″ Gallon Tank Holder Rack Metal Frame Rectangle, Dark Brown

This option is an ideal fit for a 28-gallon aquarium. The dark brown finish makes it an attractive addition to your décor and it’s easy to assemble. This one has dimensions of 26.5″L x 12.5″W x 28.5″H and is made of wood and metal.

5. Aqueon All Glass Aquarium AAG29060 Driftwood Background, 30-Inch by 18-Inch by 12-Inch

Aqueon All Glass Aquarium AAG29060 Driftwood Background, 30-Inch by 18-Inch by 12-Inch

This all glass aquarium driftwood background is a great way to add a natural-looking background to any aquarium with its wide variety of sizes and lengths. Made from 100% recycled material, it is incredibly easy to install as well.

If you love the look of driftwood aquarium backgrounds but don’t want the hassle of keeping real wood in your tank, this is a good option for you.

6. Imagitarium Brooklyn Metal Tank Stand – 20 Gallons

The Imagitarium Brooklyn Metal Tank Stand – 20 Gallons is a suitable option for anyone looking to elevate their tank off the ground. It’s sturdy enough to support up to 60 pounds, and it can be used with or without a tank lid. In terms of durability, this stand won’t rust over time, making it a reliable choice. Assembling this stand is also simple and hassle-free. Any companion who possesses even minimal handiness will likely be able to put it together in around 15 minutes or less. While the price is reasonable for most budgets, there are cheaper alternatives available if you’re trying to save even more money. Overall, if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to get your aquarium off the ground and add a bit of style to your space, this is a good choice.

7. Imagitarium Newport Wooden Tank Stand – for 40 Gallon Tanks

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8. Aquatic Fundamentals Upright Aquarium Stand with Storage – Silver 30 Gallon

This stand is designed to support aquariums with a capacity of 30 gallons. It’s built-in storage unit is a handy place to keep your fish food, water test kits and other supplies.

The powder coated metal frame makes this stand both durable and stylish. The finish on the frame prevents any chipping or scratching which means it will last longer than some of its competitors.

The stand is available in two color options: black and silver. It measures 27 3/4″ L x 14 5/8″ W x 30 1/8″ H and comes fully assembled meaning you can get started instantly!


As is the case with most products, the price of a fish tank stand depends on what type and material you choose. Wooden stands tend to be cheaper than metal ones, but they require more maintenance and are not as hygienic. If you want a metal stand, it’s easier to clean off algae or other things that might get on it. The aquarium will also stay cleaner if you don’t have wood in its vicinity.


There are several things to think about when it comes to aquarium stands. The first is obvious: make sure the aquarium stand has enough space for your fish tank. Depending on shape, size, and other factors of your tank a number of different configurations may be possible, so do not go out and buy one before checking your measurements! This is also important because of weight; the bigger the tank, the heavier it will be. You don’t have to have a beastly aquarium stand that can hold up an elephant, but you’ll need something that can handle at least eighty pounds per square foot of surface area.

Another thing to consider is whether the stand you choose will be able to support whatever additional equipment you may need around your tank. Certain filters or other add-ons (such as lights) may require extra support when added onto a standard fish tank design. For this reason I recommend purchasing a metal stand over wood; metal offers more strength than wood and isn’t prone to warping or damage from water spills (which are inevitable in any home with children).

It’s important to find the right aquarium stand for your unique setup

Choosing the right aquarium stand for your needs is important because it can help to prevent water damage to your floor and also extend the life of your tank.

Aquarium stands are usually designed to hold either a small tank, large tank or extra large tank. If you’re buying a large aquarium stand with a tank attached, make sure that you check whether the dimensions match up with what you need before committing.

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