This 5 Foot Fish Tank Stand is the perfect addition to your fish tank setup. The stand is made from high-quality materials that are durable, yet lightweight and easy to assemble. The stand has a modern design that will match any décor and comes with shelf space for you to put your fish tank decorations or plants.

This 5-foot fish tank stand is the perfect addition to your home, office, or classroom. It comes with a sturdy base and an elegant design that will look great in any setting. The stand is built from high-quality material that is designed to hold up to 70 pounds of aquarium water. This makes it ideal for aquariums that are up to 5 feet tall and have an overall weight of 70 pounds or less.

Description of 5 Foot Fish Tank Stand

The 5 Foot Fish Tank Stand is a five-gallon tank stand made of glass. It’s made of tempered, safety glass and has an acrylic base for added stability. The fish tank stand has 3 legs and comes with rubber feet on the bottom so that it doesn’t scratch your flooring.

The purpose of a fish tank stand is to hold up your aquarium while giving you easy access to clean it out and feed your fish. Fish tank stands also allow you to easily move the aquarium if needed (for example when cleaning).


  • Easy Access – Your aquarium will be easily accessible with this model because it sits up higher than other models. This lets you reach all areas within the tank quickly without having to crouch down over the floor or bend over uncomfortably far back.
  • Stability – Tempered glass aquariums are built very sturdily with thick walls that make them very stable without needing additional support for strength (unlike acrylic tanks). However, if you prefer something more sturdy then metal stands may be best suited for this type of setup instead.”

Types of 5 Foot Fish Tank Stand

There are two different types of 5 Foot Fish Tank stands. The first is an acrylic one and the second is wooden. The most common type is acrylic, but both options are acceptable for your fish tank and can make it look great in any room of your house.

Specification of 5 Foot Fish Tank Stand

The 5 Foot Fish Tank Stand can be used for a variety of aquariums up to 120 gallons, including saltwater and freshwater tanks. It is constructed with sturdy steel and weighs just under 40 pounds when assembled. The stand has an overall dimension of 36” x 19” x 12”; this includes the base, which measures 28” x 16.5” x 2.5”. The stand has been designed for easy set-up and uses in any room of your home or office, with its neutral color that blends easily into almost any décor setting.

The base provides stability for the tank as well as additional storage space for accessories such as filters and lights that need to be kept nearby but out of sight from visitors or loved ones who might not want to see them every day. The top tier features adjustable shelves so you can arrange them in whatever configuration works best for your needs; this also makes it easier than ever before when trying out different layouts or arrangements over time without having to worry about whether something will fit because everything has been optimized beforehand.

Assembling this piece should take less than 30 minutes once all parts have been gathered together; however, if someone else helps out then maybe 15 minutes could suffice depending on how efficiently they work together (which is always key when working by yourself). On average though expect upwards of 25 minutes of total time spent building up your new home away from home – at least until everything gets broken down again later on down through life’s journey.

Maintenance of 5 Foot Fish Tank Stand

A 5-foot fish tank stand is a great addition to any room. It provides an excellent opportunity to view and enjoy your fish in an aesthetic way. However, you need to remember that the maintenance of your 5-foot fish tank stand will require some work on your part.

In order to keep your 5-foot fish tank stand in good condition, it is important that you clean it at least once every week and change the water as well as clean its filter at least once per week. You should also be sure to clean any gravel that may have become dirty or clogged with debris such as dirt and plant matter. Finally, if you have any living creatures inside of the aquarium such as goldfish or other types of fish then they should be checked on at least once per week so they can receive adequate care during their stay in this type of environment too.

Price of 5 Foot Fish Tank Stand

The prices of 5 Foot Fish Tank Stands to vary widely, depending on what materials are used, who makes them, and how long it takes to make. The average range for a 5-foot fish tank stand is anywhere from $200 to $600.

If you’re going with the DIY route, then you can expect to spend about $50 for materials (assuming you already have the tools) and about 10 hours of labor at minimum wage ($11/hour). This will bring your total cost up between $60-$90. If you hire someone to build your stand for you (at around $20/hour), then that brings your total cost up somewhere between $210-$360 plus shipping costs if applicable. You may also have to pay sales tax depending on where you live – this could add another 10%-15% to your final price point.

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