5 Way Puppy Shot

Vaccination is important for preventing serious diseases from affecting your dog. But why give your pet five shots when they could get what they need in one? For dogs, several of the most common vaccines are typically given together in a single shot that’s known as the DHPP vaccine, 5-in-1 vaccine for dogs, or 5-way puppy shot.

This combination vaccine is considered a core vaccine, which means all dogs should receive it regardless of their lifestyle. Core vaccines tend to protect against viruses that are highly contagious, cause serious disease, and have high fatality rates. Here’s what pet parents should know about the DHPP vaccine, aka the 5-in-1 vaccine for dogs, including the diseases it protects against and how often it’s administered. 

Features of 5 Way Puppy Shot

The 5-in-1 vaccine for dogs offers many advantages over single-pathogen vaccines. For one thing, your dog will only need to receive one shot during each visit rather than five, which saves time and money and minimizes your pet’s discomfort. This combo vaccine can even include noncore vaccines, like leptospirosis, which means your pup can get maximum protection without having to get multiple shots.

Extensive research studies have shown that the 5-in-1 vaccine is generally safe for dogs, including puppies as young as 6 weeks old. Any side effects encountered are typically rare and mild, such as temporary soreness at the injection site.

Benefits of 5 Way Puppy Shot

  • Contains Type 2B Parvovirus for rapid immunity and cross protection against all recognized field strains
  • High titer, low passage parvo fraction – High vaccine titers have been shown to overcome low-level maternal antibody interference in puppies
  • Meets or exceeds all USDA Standards
  • Convenient choice of IM or SC administration
  • Economical and ideal first shot for puppies – No Lepto fractions


  • Vaccination of healthy dogs 6 weeks of age or older.
  • Aseptically rehydrate the freeze-dried vaccine with the sterile diluent provided.
  • Shake well and administer 1mL subcutaneously or intramuscularly.
  • Healthy dogs six weeks of age or older should receive three doses, each given three weeks apart.
  • Annual revaccination with one dose recommended.
  • Store out of direct sunlight at 35-45°F (2-7°C).
  • Prolonged exposure to higher temperatures and direct sunlight may adversely affect potency. Do not freeze.
  • Use entire contents when first opened.
  • Use new, non-chemically sterilized needles and syringes.
  • Burn vaccine container and all unused contents
  • Contains Gentamicin as a preservative
  • Vaccinate only healthy, non-parasitized dogs.
  • Do not vaccinate pregnant dogs.
  • The use of a biological product may produce anaphylaxis or other inflammatory medicine-immune hypersensitivity reactions.


The dosage is 1 mL injected intramuscularly or subcutaneously. Open syringe by twisting or tapping the cap against a hard surface to break the heat weld. Prepare the vaccine by injecting the diluent into the vial containing the desiccated vaccine cake. Shake well. Withdraw entire contents into the syringe. Thoroughly prepare injection site with antiseptic.

Subcutaneous administration: Lift the loose skin behind the neck or behind front leg and insert needle. Inject entire contents of syringe. Do not inject directly into blood vessel (see note below).
Intramuscular administration: Insert needle into muscle of the hind limb (see illustration). Inject entire contents of syringe. Do not inject directly into blood vessel.


 Before injecting vaccine pull back slightly on syringe plunger. If blood enters the syringe freely, choose another injection site. For puppies 9 weeks or younger vaccinate healthy puppies at 3-4 week intervals until 16 weeks of age for at least 3 doses. For puppies over 9 weeks and adults give a minimum of 2 doses at 3-4 week intervals. Annual revaccination with a single dose is recommended.

Prices of 5 Way Puppy Shot

$9.95 – $97.99

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