Our 5ft Fish Tank Cabinet is made of high-quality MDF, which is a durable material that resists warping, cracking, and splitting. It also features a smooth surface on the front and sides to ensure easy cleaning and to keep your fish tank clean at all times. The cabinet has a sturdy structure with no sharp edges or corners, making it safe for you and your pet fish.

The front door latches securely with a magnet, which keeps children away from danger. The top of the cabinet includes an air filter that helps keep your water clean and healthy for your fish. Inside there are two shelves for storing accessories or other items you need for your aquariums.

In addition to its beautiful design and functionality, this cabinet comes in three different sizes: 40-gallon (5ft), 55-gallon (6ft), or 75-gallon (8ft). We also offer matching stands if you want one that matches our cabinets perfectly.

Description of 5ft Fish Tank Cabinet

The 5ft fish tank cabinet is a wooden cabinet that is used to store a 5ft fish tank. It is made of wood and comes in an unfinished state with no hardware attached.

The dimensions of the unit are 36 inches tall by 24 inches wide by 15 inches deep, which makes it large enough to store any size aquarium up to a 5-foot length (a standard 55-gallon aquarium will fit inside).

Types of 5ft Fish Tank Cabinet

When it comes to choosing a 5ft fish tank cabinet, you’ll want to consider the following types:

  • Glass or Acrylic? This will depend on your budget and preference is. Glass holds heat better than acrylic, but scratches more easily. Acrylic scratches less easily, but needs more cleaning and can scratch if it’s banged against something hard such as an aquarium stand or other aquariums.
  • Stand or Cabinet? A stand is usually smaller and cheaper than a full cabinet and doesn’t require much assembly. A full cabinet has more space inside (for additional filtration) than a stand does; however, they’re typically not collapsible like stands are so you need to be careful with how you move them around if they’re not attached to anything else by wheels or casters for example). Another advantage of having another piece of furniture in your home over just having an aquarium sitting there without anything else around it would be increased storage space within the same footprint which could lead to saving money by not having too many things scattered throughout different rooms in order still being able to see everything clearly without needing multiple trips back-and-forth between rooms unless necessary (such as when caring for pets).

Specification of 5ft Fish Tank Cabinet

5ft Fish Tank Cabinet

Model: 5ft Fish Tank Cabinet


  • Size: 50”W x 24”D x 85”H (1270mm W x 610mm D x 2140mm H)
  • 3 Doors, 2 Drawers, and a Door for the aquarium (72″ height)
  • Aquarium not included

Maintenance of 5ft Fish Tank Cabinet

  • Clean the Glass Regularly
  • Clean the Filter Regularly
  • Clean the Gravel Regularly (if you have it)
  • Clean Water Regularly (if you have it)
  • Wash Hood & Pump regularly. The hood and pump should be washed with a soap-free detergent and rinsed thoroughly. You should also inspect them for any cracks or damage every two weeks. If you notice anything like this, replace it immediately as it could affect your fish’s health if not addressed quickly enough.

Price of 5ft Fish Tank Cabinet

The 5ft Fish Tank Cabinet price is around $300. The 5ft Fish Tank Cabinet price is around $200. The 5ft Fish Tank Cabinet price is around $150. The 5ft Fish Tank Cabinet price is around $100. The 5ft Fish Tank Cabinet price is around $50.

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