7 In 1 Vaccine For Dogs

The first round of vaccinations include a 7-in-1 vaccination – First dose has to be given at 6 weeks if the pup has been on mother’s milk for one month. Otherwise, vaccination has to be given as early as possible. The booster dose is given 3 weeks after the first dose after which it must be given annually. The 7-in-1 protects your pup from Canine Distemper, Hepatitis, Corona Viral Enteritis, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus and Leptospirosis).The first anti-rabies vaccination is given when the puppy is three months old and the booster dose must be given annually.

Both de-worming and vaccination on a regular basis are essential to avoid serious health problems for your pet. Your veterinarian will give you a vaccination card that will contain dates and names of vaccines given. Place this card in an easily visible place like on a refrigerator or on your desk and keep an eye out for the next cycle so you don’t forget to get it done. If you’re email-savvy, sign up for a free online reminder service like rememberthemilk.com or freminder.com that will send you email alerts when the next shot is due.


Spectra® 7 vaccine is a combination of antigenic, attenuated strains of Canine Distemper, Canine Adenovirus Type 2 (CAV-2), Canine Parainfluenza, and Canine Parvovirus Type 2b, propagated in cell line tissue cultures. The diluent is Canine Parvovirus Vaccine-Leptospira Canicola-Icterohaemorrhagiae Bacterin. The CAV-2 fraction cross-protects against respiratory infection caused by infectious canine hepatitis (CAV-1).

Features of 7 In 1 Vaccine For Dogs

Puppies are generally given either the 5-in-1 or the 7-in-1 vaccine to initialize the immunity they will carry throughout their lives. The 5-in-1 vaccines protect against distemper, hepatitis, bordetella (kennel cough), parainfluenza and parvovirus, while 7-in-1 vaccines protect against two additional illnesses: leptospirosis (lepto) and coronavirus. Over the last decade, many veterinarians have begun moving away from using the 7-in-1 vaccine. Holistic veterinary practitioners have been part of the move against yearly vaccinations and “over-vaccination” of pets, citing concern over joint disorders and immune disorders. It is true that some joint inflammation, lethargy and mild fever may occur shortly after vaccines are administered. However, these symptoms are typically short-lived and fade over the first several days.


For the vaccination of healthy, susceptible dogs as an aid in the reduction of diseases caused by canine distemper, canine adenovirus type 1 and type 2, parainfluenza, parvovirus, Leptospira canicola and Leptospira icterohaemorrhagiae.

Directions and Dosage: 

The dosage is 1 mL injected intramuscularly or subcutaneously. Open syringe by twisting or tapping the cap against a hard surface to break the heat weld. Prepare the vaccine by injecting the diluent into the vial containing the desiccated vaccine cake. Shake well. Withdraw entire contents into the syringe. Thoroughly prepare injection site with antiseptic. Subcutaneous administration: Lift the loose skin behind the neck or behind front leg and insert needle. Inject entire contents of syringe. Do not inject directly into blood vessel (see note below). Intramuscular administration: Insert needle into muscle of the hind limb (see illustration). Inject entire contents of syringe. Do not inject directly into blood vessel.

Important note: Before injecting vaccine pull back slightly on syringe plunger. If blood enters they syringe freely, choose another injection site. Puppies 9 weeks or younger: Vaccinate healthy puppies at 3-4 week intervals until 16 weeks of age for at least 3 doses. Puppies over 9 weeks and adults: Give a minimum of 2 doses at 3-4 week intervals. Annual revaccination with a single dose is recommended.

Side Effects

After receiving the vaccination, your dog may experience lethargy and localized pain at the injection site. It’s best to let him sleep it off; in a few hours he’ll be back to normal. In rare cases, the dog may suffer more serious complications, such as trouble breathing, pale gums, disorientation, loss of consciousness, hives and swelling anywhere on his body. If your pup shows any of these symptoms, or if you have any doubts or questions, be on the safe side and contact your veterinarian.

Product Specification

ManufacturerIntervet India
BrandNobivac Dhppi
Prescription/Non PrescriptionPrescription
Packaging Size10 X1
Packaging TypeBox

Prices of 7 In 1 Vaccine For Dogs

$ 47.00 – $66.00

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