Livestock scales are used on farms. There it is often necessary to weigh the livestock. Especially heavier animals do not allow performing a weighing with common scales, since they often more likely reach their limit. That is why these livestock scales are to apply. They are designed for the natural conditions on farms and barns. Dirt, filth and humidity do no harm to these livestock scales. The livestock scales are often fenced scales into which the animal can be driven The livestock scales help providing precise data, since the animal can not escape and thus falsify the results. Don’t hesitate to call us if you wish to enquire about our livestock scales

SCS series PS livestock electronic platform scales is designed for husbandry and slaughtering industry. Using high quality carbon steel welded Platform scale, Platform scale structure formed by body scale and framework, equipped with weighing sensor and intelligent weighing instruments. The system with high accurately, weighing rapid,working stable and reliable, easy installation and maintenance. Especially suitable for weighing various animals, such as pigs, sheep, cattle, and so on. FSK scale kit, build your own scale at a fraction of the price. One Digital weight indicator with quick disconnect and RS232 printer/computer output, Can be used with AA Batteries or Electricity (AC adapter included)

Uses/benefits of A And A Livestock Scales:

Commercial livestock scales are used for weighing cattle, sheep, pigs, bison, and other animals like llamas and alpacas. Some scales weigh a single animal or many livestock. These large scales can weigh animals up to several tons. A platform scale generally has large and heavy objects placed on it consistently.

Features of A And A Livestock Scales:

One Digital weight indicator with quick disconnect and RS232 printer/computer output, Can be used with Electricity or Rechargeable battery (included)

*Four 330 lb capacity load cells

*Four adjustable feet for leveling on uneven surfaces

*Four tool steel mounting plates with spacers (the load cells are bolted onto the mounting plate, the mounting plate is then bolted onto the platform)

*Junction box

*15 ft of load cell cable from the display to the junction box

*Mounting Hardware. Everything bolts together, no welding require

Specification of A And A Livestock Scales:

Portable Scale Base Models
Total Width *
in (cm)
in (cm)
in (cm)
in (cm)
in (cm)
lbs (kgs)
FS-PSN500Narrow18 (46)14 (36)60 (153)39 (99)73 (186)500 (227)
FS-PSW500Wide24 (61)20 (51)60 (153)39 (99)73 (186)500 (227)

Prices of A And A Livestock Scales:

$560.00 – $2,500.00

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