Astral Pipes offers a commendable range of agriculture pipes and respective fittings. Astral’s agriculture PVC water pipes help farmers source water from rivers/ponds to the farms. Astral’s Borewell Pipes suit best for getting water from the borewell with the help of submersible pump. Astral Casewell pipes act as casing for borewell, providing extra protection. In addition, Astral offers Geo Rex and Aqua Rex which are sub-surface drainage systems and Narmada which helps bring water to the farms.

Features Agricultural Irrigation Pipe

Due to its long laying lengths of 20 feet, Irrigation PIP PVC water pipe reduces the cost of multiple joints and allows for more ground to be covered during installation.
Irrigation PIP pipe:

  • Maintains performance against tuberculation, corrosion and external galvanic soil conditions without lining wrapping, coating or cathodic protection.
  • Keeps its smooth interior over long years of service with virtually no loss in carrying capacity, allowing for savings in pumping costs, as well as savings on the size of the pipe required.
  • Can be field-cut with a power saw or ordinary handsaw without the use of expensive or complicated machinery.

Types Agricultural Irrigation Pipe

The kind of system a farm employs for irrigation is conditioned on such variables as the grade, or incline, of the land; the porousness of the soil; and, of course, affordability. Flood irrigation, for example, runs water down a slope by means of Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) piping or raised earth borders. Sprinkler irrigation, by contrast, delivers water over large swaths of field. Sprinklers can attach to fixed or portable PVC irrigation pipe, even to reeled hose.


PVC P.I.P. Irrigation Pipe
Dr 64/DR 51/DR 41/DR 35/DR 32.5
Pressure Rated 63, 80, 100, 118 and 125 psi
RIng-Tite Joints 6″ – 27″

For Use In Irrigation, Rural Water Systems
and Other Services.
JM Eagle’s (JM Eagle) Irrigation pipe is made in compliance with industry accepted P.I.P. (irrigation) pipe standards. Pipe 6” through 15” in diameter are produced in accordance with the Soil Conservation Service specification SCS 430-DD and sizes 18” to 27” dimensionally comply with Annex A1 of ASTM D 2241. Pipes are available in DR 64 (63 psi), DR 51 (80 psi), DR 41 (100 psi), DR 35 (118 psi) and DR 32.5 (125 psi). PVC compounds used in the extrusion of this pipe meet or exceed the requirements of ASTM D1784 cell class 12454. Joint design is tested to the requirements of ASTM D 3139 with rubber gaskets that conform to ASTM F477.

Prices of Agricultural Irrigation Pipe

$0.08-$16.95/ Meter

$0.20-$4.00/ Meter-$0.55-$3.00/ Meter

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