Aluminum irrigation pipe are the ideal pieces of metal with multiple uses covering many fields. You can access the vast range of aluminum irrigation pipe at, where the options to choose from are unlimited. The anti-corrosion component of aluminum irrigation pipe makes them ideal for outdoor areas where other metals would otherwise be rusty when used.

Uses of Aluminum Irrigation Pipe

The agriculture industry also makes extensive use of aluminum pipes in irrigation systems. Aluminum pipes provide the necessary durability and rigidity needed to withstand environmental hazards and heavy machinery. Aluminum is also commonly used to make pipe-fittings like couplings, elbows, and tees


Aluminum irrigation pipe available are lighter, stiffer, and scratch-resistant to allow you to utilize them in many industries. Additionally, these aluminum irrigation pipe ability to be reliable thermal conductors helps enterprises make furnaces and coolers.


Aluminum irrigation pipe are less-reactive with other reagents like water and oxygen, and it should be used in water pipes. The anti-corrosion and anti-rust properties are also enough reason to use them in this sector. Aluminum irrigation pipe heat conduction property makes them vital for use in condensers and furnaces; these metal types are also cost-effective because of their low-maintenance and reuse capability. Aluminum irrigation pipe are lighter and more rigid, making them crucial in the construction industry.

Prices of Aluminum Irrigation Pipe

US$2,470.00-US$3,450.00/ Ton

US$1,950.00-US$2,500.00/ Ton

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