AMISTAR Technology is the world’s best-selling fungicide. Offering preventive, systemic and curative activity, Amistar® Top contains two fungicides to provide broad-spectrum control of many important vegetable, rice, cotton, citrus, and tree nut diseases, including leaf spots, blights and powdery mildew. The product contains a robust combination of AZOXYSTROBIN and DIFENOCONAZOLE. Azoxystrobin inhibits spore germination at the early stages of fungal development, this confers excellent protection against invasion by fungal pathogens and Difenoconazole is taken up by the plant and acts on the fungal pathogen during penetration and haustoria formation. Long duration control of multiple diseases leading to higher yield & greater ROI. Environment Friendly & Safe for beneficial insects, outstanding rain fastness. It is recommended to apply the product early avoid irreversible crop damage.


Amistar top is world’s leading fungicide powered with Amistar technology having effective broad spectrum control. It controls a wide range of Ascomycetes, Basiodiomycetes, Deuteromycetes including important diseases such as Powdery Mildews, Downey mildews , blights and leaf spot occurring in Wheat, Rice, corn & vegetables. It ensures more grains per panicle and healthy crop at reproductive stage leading to high quality yield. Amistar provides Long Duration Control.  

Features of Amistar

Amistar Top belongs to strobilurin group. It is a fungicide with protectant, curative, eradicant, translaminar and systemic properties. Amistar inhibits mitochondrial desperate. Amistar is unique and has a very wide spectrum of disease control like grapes, potatoes, chili, tomatoes, cucurbits, avocados, mangoes, passionfruit and poppies.

  • Revolutionary broad-spectrum resistance management tool
  • Demonstrates rapid uptake with translaminar and xylem-systemic movement
  • Contains a robust combination of azoxystrobin and difenoconazole
  • Offers preventive, systemic and curative activity

Mode of action: 

Amistar works on the Respiratory system of the fungus, thus depriving the fungus of the energy required to grow, thus effectively killing the fungus.

Uses/benefits of Amistar

Effective in control of Brown Rust, Powdery Mildew, White Blister, Black Dot, Black Scruf
Control on more than 400 type fungi.
Increases the flower holding capacity of the plants
Effective kills broad spectrum of disease on a wide range of crop
Makes the leaves greener and healthier

Product Specification

Technical NameAzoxystrobin 23 %Sc
Packaging Size200 Ml
FormLiquid Concentrate
Packaging TypeBottle
Mode Of ActionAmistar Works On The Respiratory System Of The Fungus, Thus Depriving The Fungus Of The Energy Requi
Minimum Order Quantity1 Unit

Prices of Amistar 200ml

$49.00 – $110.00

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