Amprolium is a coccidiostat (antiprotozoal) used for the treatment and prevention of coccidiosis in calves, sheep, goats, chickens (broilers and breeders) and other fowl such as turkeys, with activity against Eimeria spp., especially Eimeria tenella and Eimeria necatrix. It is a thiamine (vitamin B1) analogue and its pharmacological effect relies on competitive inhibition of thiamine uptake. Amprolium competitively inhibits the active transport of thiamine in isolated second-generation schizonts of Eimeria spp. and in host intestinal cells. Upon ingestion of amprolium, the coccidia experience thiamine deficiency and starve from malnutrition.


Amprolium 20% Oral is a concentrated liquid containing amprolium, to be used in drinking water of poultry, calves, lambs, young goats, cattle and sheep. It is used as a prophylactic or therapeutic agent against Eimeria infections in poultry, especially E. tenella, E. necatrix, E. acervulina and E. praecox. It is effective against other protozoal infections like Histomoniasis (Blackhead) in turkeys and poultry; against coccidiosis in calves, sheep, goats and pigs; against amoebiasis in various species.


For oral administration via feed or drinking water.

  • Poultry : 125 – 200 ml per 100 litres of drinking water during 5 – 7 days, followed by 30 ml per 100 litres of drinking water during 1 or 2 weeks. (During treatment, only medicated drinking
    water should be administered.)
  • Calves, lambs, kids, pigs : 4 ml per 20 kg bodyweight as drench during 1 – 2 days, followed by 10 litres per 1,000 litres of drinking water during 3 weeks.
  • Cattle, sheep : 4 ml per 20 kg bodyweight during 5 days.

Mixed with feed, the product should be used immediately. Medicated drinking water should be used within 24 hours.
If no improvement is noted within 3 days, evaluate the symptoms to determine the presence of other diseases. Follow the instructions of your veterinarian or poultry pathologist.

Features of Amprolium For Goats

  • MULTI—ANIMAL CONVENIENCE: Puppies, dogs, cats, kittens, goats, chickens, cattle, ducks, geese, turkeys, pigs, sheep & horses.
  • LIFE SAVING: Prevent and treat costly coccidial infection. Corid for Chickens (Amprolium 9.6%) is an oral drench solution used to aid in the treatment and prevention of coccidiosis caused by Eimeria bovis and E. zurnii in calves, ducks, chickens and other animals. May be administered in drinking water. Trusted coccidiosis treatment also great for dogs, puppies, cats & kittens.
  • #1 COCCIDIOSTAT & PINWORM MEDICINE: An effective chicken and goat dewormer, Amprolium for Chickens should be used on a group, pen or herd basis. When one or more goats show clinical signs of coccidiosis, it’s likely the rest of the group has been exposed to coccidia and all goats in the group, pen or herd should receive coccidiosis treatment. Corid for poultry has been tested at many times the recommended dose levels and has a wide safety margin.
  • COCCIDIA FAST—FACTS: Coccidia are obligate intracellular parasites and must return to the host to continue their life cycle. The coccidia life cycle is a continuous process, with reinfection occurring daily. Cattle routinely ingest thousands of oocysts each day through feces, contaminated feed and water, or by preening their own coat or licking that of another animal. As few as 50 thousand oocysts can cause severe disease in the calf. Immunity can develop after extended subclinical infection.
  • VALUE PACK: (6) Oral Syringes (10mL, 2Tsp) + COMPLIMENTARY Gridiron Country Club Dual Pet Comb. Two different teeth sizes and spacing work on any coat. Ideal to use after powders or shampoos. Dry skin that may appear is easily detected when using this detection comb. For animals with skin afflictions, dried blood collected in the fine teeth of this comb will alert you that your pet may have a rash, sore or other problem. Can also be used to make sure flea control products are working properly.

Withdrawal period:

Meat : 3 days
Milk : 3 days

Prices of Amprolium For Goats

$24.99 -$35.99

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