Pet food pellet machine  is mainly made up with raw materials treatment system ,extrusion system, drying system, flavoring system and controlling system, It has high stability and automatic performance, which offers the possibility to control the expansion of the extruder through various means to control the texture of the final product. Raw materials: dry price type Animal food production machine dog cat food machine,   adopts corn flour, fish meal, bone meal, meat meal, soyabean powder etc as raw materials. Flow chart of Pet dog food making machine:  Mixer→screw conveyor→twin screw extruder→air conveyor→dryer→hoister→flavoring drum and oil  sprayer→cooling machine→packing machine,    full production line price dry dog food pellet production line small pet making extruder dog food machine. Products of dry dog food extruder machine farming equipment:     different shapes are made by adjusting the dies from extruder

Uses/benefits of Animal Feed Pellet Machine:

1.Various capacity options.

2.Various mold sizes available for choose.

3.High quality copper electric motor.

4.The length is available to select

Features of Animal Feed Pellet Machine :

1). The fish feed pellets can float on water for over 20 hours.And sinking and floating aqua-feed pellets both can be made just by adjusting the feed formulation.

2). Pellet diameter is 0.9mm-15mm by changing the mold.The cutter can cutting the pellets into different length.

3)The feeding speed,cutting speed,temperature all can be adjusted.

4).The machine also can make feed for pet like dog,cat with different shapes and we can customized the shape for you.
2.Fully automatic control system for heating and circulated cooling accurately
3.Direct transmission of motor and distribution box reduces energy loss.
4.Equip with water injecting device on barrel to meet require of various raw material and quality.
5.Modular combination of screws at will to meet require of different raw material.
6.Suspension type rotary cutter with bearing adjusting device to ensure quick,safe and accurate

Specification of Animal Feed Pellet Machine:

ModelCapacityScrew DiameterMain PowerFeeding PowerCutting Powerweight

Prices of Animal Feed Pellet Machine:

$900.00- $55,000.00

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