Animal Ultrasound Machine

IMV imaging have been pioneers in veterinary imaging for over 30 years. Formerly known as BCF, we were the first to develop water resistant, wearable ultrasound scanners for cows that allowed the users to view the image on a head mounted display.

As well as the ultrasound scanners that we manufacture at our sites in Scotland and France, we also provide ultrasound scanners for the small animal and equine markets through our partnerships with GE, Mindray, Sonosite and Honda. Use the filters below to find the most appropriate scanner for you.


CMS600P2VET is a notebook veterinary B-ultrasound diagnostic system. Its embedded operation system greatly improves the product performance, achieving stronger data process ability and fast process speed. Pop-up menu and keyboard design bring more convenient to users. The device is applicable to the measurement and calculation of the obstetric for swine, bovine, sheep, equine, cat, dog and other animals.

Features of Animal Ultrasound Machine

A veterinarian’s day can be unpredictable and so are their patients. You need a portable ultrasound to go where you need it and when you need it. Initially developed for the military, Sonosite portable and kiosk-based systems offer industry-leading…

Portability – Sonosite’s hand-carried ultrasounds are less than ten pounds.

Ease of Use – Sometimes no buttons are necessary at all—turn it on and you are ready to image within seconds.

Reliablity – With the five-year warranty behind new Sonosite products you have peace of mind that your ultrasound will perform when you need it.

Durability – Drop tested at 3 feet, Sonosite ensures your investment for the long term.

5-Year Warranty – Get the only five-year standard warranty in the ultrasound industry. 

We take the guesswork out of imaging with a great diagnostic image that is easy to obtain. We also provide first-class support after the sale with our industry leading five-year warranty. With thousands of systems installed worldwide, Sonosite combines simplicity with peace of mind.

Benefits of Animal Ultrasound Machine

PORTABLE TO CARRY– Small, lightweight, compact, both battery and AC powered. Lion rechargeable battery can be removed easily. Adjustable neck strap and waist belts keep your hands free and keep it from being damaged by a jumpy animal.

WIDE APPLICATION– Easy to use for animal like horse, cow, dog, cat, pig puppies other animals. With this scanner you can see and count puppies when the pregnancy is about 30 days, very clear and convenient to use.

PROTECTIVE DESIGNED– With dust -proof and water -proof. Rubber protector around the scanner against dirt and impact from the outside.

3.5MHZ SECTOR PROBE– Compact main body with should & wrist belts, free hands. With 3.5MHz mechanical sector probe, you could measure the distance, circumference, area, volume, histogram.

BATTERY POWERED & RECHARGEABLE– This vet scanner has both battery and AC powered, and 2200mAh rechargeable battery gives you a cord free use for a long time. You could make earlier, faster and more accurate diagnosis at the point of animal pregnancy at anytime, anywhere, no matter at animal hospital, even in or outdoor.


3.PerformanceDisplay mode: B, 2B, 4B, BM, M.Display depth: 240 mmFocus mode: focus number and focus position can be adjusted.Measurement and calculation: Distance, circumference, area, volume, angle, ratio and gestational age for swine, equine, bovine, sheep, dog and cat.Character display: date, time, animal name, animal type, hospital, serial number, frame rate, depth, total gain, dynamic range, frame correlation, probe frequency, magnification times and functional menu.Image processing: controllable frame correlation, gamma correction, histogram, up and down flip, left and right flip, positive and negative image conversion.SafetyType of protection against electric shock: class Ⅱ equipmentDegree of protection against electric shock: type BF applied partOperational voltage: DC15V, 4APower consumption: ≤45 VA

Prices of Animal Ultrasound Machine

$399.00-$799.00/ Unit

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