The ANKA PRO 2.0 is made of stainless steel, which ensures more easy cleaning compared to painted or galvanized hoof trimming chutes. A hoof trimming chute acts also as a visit card for a hoof trimmer, so easy cleaning and a good clean looking chute is very important. Secondly a chute which is easy to clean ensures less possibility of spreading (claw) diseases from one farm to another. With the ANKA PRO 2.0 you are maximal (bio)secured in this case.  Animal welfare is key in the design of this hydraulic hoof trimming chute. The excellent 5 point leg fixation ensures a safe environment for the cow. Double belly bands ensure maximum comfort and less stress for the cow. Secure, fast and dampened hydraulics make the time for trimming short. A win-win situation for the cow, the hoof trimmer and the dairy farmer. The PRO 2.0 is a multi-functional hoof trimming chute, which means that depending on the way of transport it is suitable for preventive and/or curative trimming. Both in small and large herds the setup time is minimal, which makes the work day of the hoof trimmer more efficient. 


  • Fast set up for work start
  • Very relaxed for cows compared to till table crushes/chutes
  • Accesible treatment for every injury, precise work both with grinder and cutter close to the abscess
  • Perfect hoof movement restraint during the treatment
  • Good view of the balance and heel height
  • Easier and better trimming


  • Efficient setup and ergonomic++ work position
  • Very quiet engine (5,5 kW)
  • Hydraulic front gate
  • Hydraulic back door
  • Hydraulic double belly band winch
  • Hydraulic elevator for crush (70 cm)
  • Hydraulic front leg lifting
  • Hydraulic back leg lifting
  • Can be customized with extra options.


  • Length: 227 cm
  • Width: 158 cm
  • Height outside: 213 cm
  • Height inside: 170 cm
  • Weight: 890 kg
  • Motor: 5,5 kW
  • Inside: 79 x 170 cm
  • Electricity: 380V 32A/16A or 220V 3 phase.


-$3,500.00 – $17,500.00

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