Aqua Traxx Drip Tape

Toro Aqua-Traxx® with the PBX (Proportionally Balanced Cross-Section) Advantage optimizes flow path turbulence, which in effect,  manages water flow, delivers uniform distribution, and reduces clogging. The seamless construction provides strength and durability, multiple inlet filters design reduces clogging issues, making Aqua-Traxx ideal for above ground and sub-surface applications. This superior drip tape will increase efficiency and improve crop quality by putting water and fertilizer right where you need them, at the root zone! Aqua-Traxx PBX premium drip tape helps you increase yield, water-use efficiency and improve crop quality by putting water and nutrients right where you need them. Choose emitter spacing from 10 cm to 90 cm (4” to 36”) – with no cost increase – for precise placement and flexibility when designing your system. Find the perfect tape for your application with a wide variety of available flow rates, wall thicknesses and internal diameters, most requiring just 140-mesh (105 micron) filtration.

Aqua-Traxx is a low-cost, thin walled 5/8″ drip tape that offers superior plugging resistance and incredible watering efficiency. Available with emitters spaced 4, 6, 8, or 12 inches apart, it is ideal for long, straight rows and performs best on level terrain. If you have row crops or raised beds–and want to save water–this may be the ideal product for you.The feature that sets Aqua-Traxx apart from its competitors, is its unique Proportionally Balanced Cross-section (PBX) that optimizes flow-path turbulence to effectively manage water flow, deliver uniform distribution, and reduce clogging. Seamless construction reduces leakage, especially at fittings, and the tape can be installed in above ground, mulched, or below ground applications.

Uses/benefits of Aqua Traxx Drip Tape:

  • Best-In-Class coefficient of variation (Cv’s) – below 3%
  • PBX Advantage – greater reliability and more uniform output
  • Ideal for irrigation of row and field crops
  • Withstands extreme weather and operating conditions
  • Provides superior handling during installation and retrieval

Features of Aqua Traxx Drip Tape:

Superior Uniformity:

Precision-moulded emitters promote uniform output and accurate delivery of water and nutrients to improve crop quality and yields.

Clog Resistance:

High level of manufacturing precision, superior resins and seamless construction for durability and reliability.

Exceptional Value

Driplines are only available in heavier wall thicknesses and are more costly at closer emitter spacings. Aqua-Traxx® PBX provides a wider range of wall thicknesses to meet  all crop requirements without the premium.

Easily Identifiable:

Precision laser incised outlet slit provides superior accuracy and consistency. Each coil is laser etched with code and manufacture date for easy in-field identification. This means that Toro can provide customer support and ensure timely.


Wall thickness0.18mm-0.6mm
Emitter spacing150-500mm
Working pressure1 bar
Bursting pressure2.7-3.0 bar
Flow Rate1.38-2.2-2.7-3.0 liters per hour
Length /roll1000/1500/2000/2500m

Prices of Aqua Traxx Drip Tape:

$180.00-  $349.00

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