This aquarium and stand combo is a great way to add some life to your living room. It comes with everything you need to start taking care of your fish, including a filter system and UV sterilizer. The aquarium itself is large enough to hold up to 10 gallons of water, but it can be upgraded if you want even more space for your fishy friends.

The stand features three levels so that you can arrange your decorations however you like them. The top level has a shelf for holding equipment or decorative items; the middle level has an open space for plants or other decorations, and the bottom level contains an area for substrate (sand or gravel) that will help maintain the health of your fish by providing them with the nutrients they need. This feature also helps keep debris from collecting at the bottom of the tank, which could otherwise contribute to algae growth and make it harder for light to reach deeper water levels.

Description of Aquarium And Stand Combo For Sale

The aquarium and stand combination for sale is a 10-gallon fish tank with a hexagonal shape. The glass aquarium features white trim, giving it an elegant look that will fit well in any room. This fish tank is ideal for beginners because it has a small footprint and can be easily cared for by someone who is new to the hobby.

The stand is made of metal and comes with wheels so you can move it easily when you need to clean or rearrange your furniture. The aquarium lid locks into place with two clamps on either side of the top opening, providing extra security from pets or curious children trying to reach into the fish tank.

Types of Aquarium And Stand Combo For Sale

  • Acrylic
  • Glass
  • Wooden
  • Plastic/Resin
  • Metal/Wrought Iron (available in a variety of finishes)
  • Bamboo (includes a stand)
  • Ceramic (available in various colors; comes with its own stand)


Specification of Aquarium And Stand Combo For Sale

The aquarium is 24″ wide, 18″ deep, and 20″ tall.

The aquarium is made of glass and silicone.

It’s a rectangle shape with a black background, white frame, and a black rim.

Maintenance of Aquarium And Stand Combo For Sale

You should perform a full cleaning of the tank, stand and filter every 2 weeks. To clean the tank, you will need to remove all water from it using a siphon or bucket. You can then use a scrub brush and detergent to scrub off any algae build-up on the glass or decorations. You should also remove any fish that died during the previous two weeks, as this will help prevent diseases from being spread through your aquarium.

Once you have cleaned out your tank, it is important to properly rinse it before refilling it with fresh water so that all debris is removed from the inside of your aquarium walls. This step is especially important if you have live plants in your fish tank because they tend not only to look cleaner but also feel cleaner than an empty bowl would once fill again with fresh water.

Once all surfaces are dry, add some dechlorinator solution into the tank before adding new fish into this freshly cleaned habitat – this will remove harmful chlorine chemicals present in tap water which could potentially harm these delicate species over time so always be sure there aren’t any leftovers when filling up again with clean H2O (just like what mom always told us).

You should also perform similar maintenance each month on both lighting fixtures as well as filters (which help keep toxins at bay). For example: air stones need regular cleaning too; this prevents clogged lines which might otherwise cause problems later down road when trying operate these essential components properly while keeping everyone safe.

Price of Aquarium And Stand Combo For Sale

The price of Aquarium And Stand Combo For Sale ranges from $50 to $190.

  • [$50] for $40: A medium-sized aquarium and stand that would be perfect for a child’s room or office, but not quite the right size for your home aquarium.
  • [$60] for $45: An inexpensive yet sturdy aquarium that’s ideal for beginners or kids who want to learn how to care for fish. It holds 4 gallons of water at a time (and comes with two fish).
  • [$70] for $55: A bigger starter kit (10 gallons) with three fish so you can begin your collection right away. This also includes 10 pieces of driftwood, which makes it an attractive choice if you want something more natural-looking than plastic plants or rocks in your house.
  • [$80] for $65: This is our top pick because it has everything we could possibly need when starting out—a 55-gallon tank filled with sand substrate and gravel, a filter system rated up to 110gph flow rate on both directions through dual outputs near bottom corner space between ADA Fluval C Series Power Filter 21 Filter Media plus AquaClear 20 Internal Aquarium Water Pump 3 Watts (without hoses), plus an LED light fixture installed above an acrylic lid covering all these components inside this unitized frame made from glass-reinforced plastic material called Polycarbonate PC Plastic Sheet; this makes it easy clean up without any worry about leaking because everything is sealed tight together due to materials used here. Plus there’s no need to worry about scratches on furniture underneath since all sides are protected by protective cardboard boxes around each piece individually wrapped within a shipping package labeled as “Fragile” type label clearly showing what kind

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