Arrowquip has been creating best in class livestock equipment since 1988 through an extensive research and development process that is unmatched in the cattle industry. We employ the only team of engineers specifically dedicated to cattle handling, and are constantly improving our equipment to adhere the latest recommendations from key researchers and cattle handling experts to make ranching families safe. Every piece of equipment we design is intended to make managing your cattle faster, easier, and safer every step of the way


A cattle crush holds the animal immobilised to minimise the risk of injury to both the animal and the handler. An effective livestock handling system requires a suitable choice from a wide range of commercially available cattle crushes.


  • Spacing in the 3E Q-Catch Yoke Gate uses light to improve cattle flow
  • An infinite lock head gate and parallel squeeze will secure any size of animal without the need for adjustments
  • The head gate can be operated from anywhere along the side of the crush
  • Removable panels plus opening top and bottom side doors give operators multiple points of access
  • A textured rubber floor made from virgin rubber by Goodyear gives cattle better traction when entering and exiting the crush
  • Parallel squeeze from 750mm to 197mm secures any size of animal
  • All moving parts are engineered with nylon bushing for quietness and longevity
  • Available add-ons include vet cage, two-piece head holder, head scoop, sternum bar and weighing equipment


  • Inside Width – 2’3” or 690 mm
  • Overall Length – 8’6” or 2600 mm
  • 3-Piece Front Gate
  • Rear Gate
  • 2 Wide Opening Side Doors
  • 1 Height Adjustable Clipping Bar
  • Ratchet Rump Bar
  • Quick Adjusting Yoke
  • TB Access gap
  • Rear Yoke Lever
  • Heavy Duty Steel Construction
  • Chequer Plate Floor with Grip Bars
  • Hot Dip Galvanised Finish
  • Fork Lift Pockets


$365.00 – $6,000.00 

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