Artificial vaginas (AV’s to the initiated) are used to collect semen from many species, most prominently cattle and horses, but also sheep, goats, rabbits and even cats. Prerequisites to use of an AV are that the male be conscious, not significantly frightened of people, and more interested in ejaculating than in killing humans. An AV uses thermal and mechanical stimulation to stimulate ejaculation. As shown in the image to the right, an AV is composed of a tube with an outer rubber lining that will hold water, into which is placed an inner liner that is lubricated just prior to use. The outer liner is filled and pressurized somewhat with water at 42-48 degrees Celsius. Shown below are AVs designed for use with bulls (bottom) and rabbits (top). Semen collection from bulls using an AV requires three people: one to handle the teaser animal, one to control the bull and one to collect the semen. It is important that the collection area have non-slip flooring to avoid injuries and because ejaculation may be inhibited if the bull is nervous about his footing. Bulls are heavy and should have regular hoof care. Poor hoof condition can inhibit the bull from mounting or cause pain when dismounting.


 superior genetics can be introduced into a herd in a shorter period of time than through the use of a natural service sires alone. Semen from proven bulls with the best genetics and most desirable expected progeny differences (EPDs) can be purchased easily and utilized in any beef cattle operation.


Finest artificial vagina ever offered. Its smooth finish and cushioned ends are sanitary and safe for valuable bulls. Just right stiffness. Water filling valve is smooth inside. Pressure-release control consists of three escape holes around cylinder and covering rubber band. Pressure which might cause vagina to explode is released inside rubber band. Saves semen and eliminates necessity of close checking of water. 16 in. L x 2-1/2 in. inside diameter. Includes collection funnel and inner liner. Black.


ParameterNormal Values
Ejaculate volume5 ml (range 1-15 ml)
Sperm concentration1200 million/ml (range 300-2500 million/ml)
Total sperm per ejaculateTypically 4-5 billion
Progressive motilityGreater than 30%
MorphologyGreater than 70% normal


$55.00 – $340.00

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