Atrazine 4L is a herbicide for the control of annual broadleaf and grass weeds in Corn, Ornamentals, Sugarcane, Turf and other labeled crops. Atrazine 4L acts mainly through root absorption; therefore, its effectiveness is dependent on either rainfall or irrigation to move it into the root zone.Controls both emerged weeds, weeds from seed in st. Augustine & Centipede grass including henbit, Moneywort, Pennywort (dollar Weed), Check Weed (common & mouseear), spurge, annual Bluegrass, swine crest, wood Sorrel & various annual Clovers. Container size: 32 oz. Active ingredient: 4% atrazine. Coverage area: 3720 sq.’.


Atrazine is a widely used herbicide that can be applied before and after planting to control broadleaf and grassy weeds. Atrazine is a member of the triazine chemical class, which includes simazine and propazine. It is used in primarily in agriculture, with the greatest use on corn, sorghum, and sugarcane. To a lesser extent, it is used on residential lawns and golf courses, particularly in the Southeast United States.

The Agency’s oversight of atrazine is dynamic and includes periodic re-evaluation through the registration review process. Over the years, the Agency has consulted with the FIFRA Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP) on a variety of atrazine topics.


Atraforce is a Triazine compound used as pre-and early-post emergence herbicide for the control of annual weed in forestry, established grasses, maize, yam, sorghum, pineapple, and sugarcane.

Active Ingredient

Atrazine 80 % WP (wettable powder). Also available in liquid form at 50 % SC (Soluble liquid).


  • Mix the required quantity of Atraforce with clean water to form a smooth paste
  • Pour the paste into the spray tank through a sieve.
  • Add water and keep the mixture in continuous suspension by means of agitation.
  • In general, use 100-200 liters of water per hectare
CropDose rate Kg/Ha
1Pineapple 2.00-7.502.00-7.50
2Maize 2.50-3.572.50-3.57
3Sorghum 2.50-3.572.50-3.57
4Sugarcane 2.50-5.002.50-5.00
5Yam 1.50-3.001.50-3.00

Product Specification

Packaging Size25 KGS
Technical NameAtrazine
Packaging TypeHDPE BAG
Chemical GroupAtrazine
Chemical FormulaAtrazine
Country Of OriginMade In India
Minimum Order Quantity100 KG

Prices of Atrazine Herbicide

$37.95 – $168.99

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