ATV Cedar Tree Cutter

The ATV Cedar Tree Cutter is the ultimate tool for cutting down large cedar trees. It is specifically designed for use on all-terrain vehicles, and it can be used to cut down trees with a diameter of up to 6 inches.

This product is made from high-quality steel that ensures durability and long-lasting use. It has a comfortable handle so that you can easily control its movement while cutting down your target tree. The blade features a double-edged design that cuts through tough branches without any effort on your part. This makes it especially useful when dealing with older or larger trees whose branches are difficult to break apart when using regular saws or axes.

The ATV Cedar Tree Cutter is designed to be light and easy to use so that it can be operated by one person. It cuts through the tree with ease, even if it has already been damaged by storms or disease. The blade is made from high-quality steel, which means that it will last for many years of use.

Atv Cedar Tree Cutter

While a traditional tree saw is a great tool to use for large jobs, an ATV Cedar Tree Cutter can be an excellent option for smaller tasks. The cutter mounts on the front of the four-wheeler and utilizes momentum to shear cedar using two disk blades at ground level. However, this machine has a number of drawbacks, including a low mounting bracket that hung under the vehicle, which reduced ground clearance and increased maneuverability time.


Despite its appeal to humans and certain wildlife, the ATV Cedar Tree Cutter is not the ultimate tool. The device cannot cut down the entire tree. Its limitations include a few pitfalls. One of these is its lack of ground clearance. The cutter can only reach a few inches from the ground. Another issue is that it requires some spraying to kill the roots. If you want to use it properly, you’ll need a 4-wheel drive vehicle or an ATV.


The ATV-mounted tree cutter mounts on the front of a four-wheeler and uses momentum to slice through cedar trees. The circular blades rotate when the ATV accelerates through the tree trunk. A trailing blade shears off the stump from the back side. The ATV-mounted cutter floats over uneven terrain and works faster than a skid loader-mounted cutter. Its low mounting bracket adds additional maneuvering time.

The cost of cedar tree removal is always a controversial topic. While some people feel cedars are valuable wildlife habitat, it is actually detrimental to many species. For example, deer and pheasants like to retreat into cedar trees during the winter. Unfortunately, cedar removal is a cost that outweighs the benefit. Cedars are costly to remove, and the process is painful for the trees and the workers who work on them.

The cost of hiring a tree removal service can be lower than that of cutting it down fully. The most time-consuming and expensive part of tree removal is clearing the tree stump. A tree removal service can range in price from $445 to $550. When hiring a tree removal company, try to book them for the winter season. The high season will make the costs higher. The cost of an ATV Cedar Tree Cutter can easily be covered by its annual savings.

While a chainsaw requires the user to bend over and perform a complicated task, the ATV-mounted tree cutter allows the user to cut hundreds of trees in a single day. The ATV-mounted tree cutter will leave a 1/4-inch stump and a cleared area for planting. If you’re looking for an ATV-mounted tree cutter, consider the DR TreeChopper. Its price range is well within the budget of any homeowner.


The ATV-mounted cedar tree cutter has two disc blades on the front of the cutterbar and is powered by momentum. As the ATV cuts through the cedar, the blades shear the wood at ground level. This device was quite effective but had some drawbacks. The cutter’s mounting bracket was too low, leaving only a few inches of ground clearance, and adding more time to maneuver.

The ATV-X, Inc., manufacturer of the Cedar tree cutter, claims that their product works faster than skid-loader mounted tree cutters. The ATV Cedar Tree Cutter is effective in cutting multiple types of trees and leaves no stump. Because the ATV Cedar Tree Cutter uses hardened steel blades, it is more durable and long-lasting than skid loader-mounted tools.

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