Cow and cattle automatic body brush could help cows in achieving self-leaning and reduce the cow bits of dirt or parasites, keep the cow hair clean and increase the cow milk production and feed intake significantly. If we are animal owners, we need to take care of them regularly.

Regular maintenance is very important, especially if we are barn owners and we earn income from the animals we care for. Because we can only yield from the animals we regularly take care of. The efficiency of regularly cared animals will also increase. In this way, both your animals will lead a comfortable life and will give you more milk and meat.

Cow Automatic Brush Machine is used for cows and it is a product that relieves their bodies by scratching. Animal scratching brushes produced by Hatko Cow Mats help cows to regulate blood circulation and help cows to be healthier with cattle scratchers.

Features of Automatic Brushing Machine For Cows:

Since animals live in a natural environment, they are easily polluted. But thanks to the itch cows get rid of all the dirt and dust. It also cleans the dirt from the cows while scratching. One of the most important features of animal curves is the elimination of parasites on the skin. The parasites damage the animals and cause their productivity to decrease. The easiest way to prevent this is by using a spoon. Since cows are milk-giving animals, the slightest fear and stress that they experience cause milk productivity to decline. Therefore, you should first ensure that your animals are psychologically relaxed. A stationary cow brush causes your cows to relax physically and make them feel psychologically happy. Itches are resistant to the heaviest loads. It is almost impossible for cows to be harmed in any fear attack. Because it is produced from very high quality and durable materials. You should also use cow beds if you want your cows to stay cleaner.

Uses/benefits Automatic Brushing Machine For Cows:

 -1. The automatic bristle brush uses an automatic bristle brush with a motor with a rotating shaft and a cylindrical brush.-2. As long as the cow touches the machine, the brush will rotate.-3. The brush is fixed at 3 places with the matching U-shaped screws, and the brush is hung on the column. The rotating shaft is 150cm higher than the ground when installed.-4. This height makes the brush just on the back of the cow and does not touch the cow. For the main parts of the body brush (head, neck, back, buttocks), by removing the dirt stuck on the cow, the obvious effect of cleaning the cow body can be obtained and investigated by relevant professional departments.-5. The use of a brush to clean the cow is not only for scratching, but also for enjoying a comfortable state of mind, which greatly increases the milk yield and feed intake of the cow. It is obvious that the installation of the brush has great benefits.

Specification of Automatic Brushing Machine For Cows:

-1.Product Name: Lifting type cattle body brush;-

2.Speed ratio: 1:60;-

3. Motor: 100w, suitable for 110V/220V;-

4.Material: Nylon  Plastic;-

5.Automatic control unit: tilt and four direction sensors.-

6. Brush: 600*500mm (height* diameter), weight: 12kg, bristles thickness: 0.6mm;-

7. Pole: 1200*50mm (length * diameter), weight: 7kg;

-8. Motor shelf: 550*250mm (height* diameter), weight: 10kg;

-9. Packing size: 2 sets of about 0.25 squares.-

10.2 sets of cattle body brush packaging specifications: a total of 5 pieces, 2 cartons, 2 wooden boxes, a woven bag;-

11. After packaging:-Carton size: 500*600mm;-Pole length: 1300mm;-Wooden box size: 660*330*320mm;-Packing weight: one set: 55KG, two sets: 110KG.

Prices of Automatic Brushing Machine For Cows:

$703.99 – $844.79

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