Automatic milking parlour system with flow milk meter is one automatic milking system, there are two parallel rows in the milking room, all parlor equipment and components would be depends on the layout. This milking system is suitable for cow, goats, sheep and other animal milking. This automatic milking parlour system is equipped with waikato milk receiver and ACR automatic cluster remover system which could check the one cow milk output directly and remove the milk cluster group automatically after milking. For cows, usually match with 30KG milk flow meter, and for goats, match with 5KG milk flow meter. Theflow milk meter has the scale, the measurement is very perfect and accurate.

There are three choices of the milking parlor door:  manual control, vacuum driven and pneumatic door. Each one has its own advantages and could meet different clients requirements. The automatic milking parlour system flow milk meter is suitable for small, medium and large farm. Different layout been offerred to choosing, from 2 x 8 to 2 x 32, and each side could milk 8 to 16 cows at one time. People plan the milking room layout according to the cows, or goats quantity.

Uses/benefits of Automatic Cow Milking Machine:

1.Improve work efficiency.

2.The quality of fresh milk is better.
3.Reducing the labor intensity of milking workers;
4.Eliminating the key problems such as the bleeding of the nipple and the discomfort of the cows.
5.The humanized design has no adverse effects on cows and sheep.

Features of Automatic Cow Milking Machine:

1. Layout compact, save space;

2. Automatic cup remover system;
3. With simple and easy operation and maintenance;
4. Low noise and high milking production;
5. Saving more labors and improving effectiveness.
6. Automatic split type measuring ;
7. Automatic electronic massage;

8. Low cost and high efficiency;

9. With moderate milking parlor tunnel, easy observe and operate;

10. A variey of specifications to meet different dairy cows / goats group of homework;

11.Cow Milking Machine Price with mobile wheels, which is flexible and convenient for milking;

Product Specification:

Design TypeFixed Type
No Of Buckets2
Milk Extraction Applicable ToCow
Typepulsator, Automatic
Voltage220 V
Minimum Order Quantity1

Prices of Automatic Cow Milking Machine:

$400.00- $3,800.00

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