Automatic Defeathering Machine manufacture and supply a complete range of equipment and systems to produce high quality plucked chicken. This process starts with the hanging of live birds into stainless steel shackles, suspended from an overhead conveyor system. Depending upon cultural and religious requirements, a bird stunner may be required before birds pass through an automatic killing system. After slaughter, birds must be bled for a period of time prior to entering a scalding system. The scalding system is specifically designed to loosen bird feather prior to plucking. Once scalded, chicken passes through the automatic plucking machines where feathers are removed.


Automatic Defeathering Machine The plucking machine removes chicken feathers cleanly and quickly and improves efficiency. It can work continuously without interruption and can process 500 pieces of poultry per hour. This poultry scalding plucking equipment can save labor.


  • Rotating Discs
  • Two Sides
  • One Side panels is having 2 rows of  discs with separate drive motors
  • 18 fingers on each disc
  • Shackle guide pipe and water spray pipe
  • Double Sided ‘V’ belts
  • Body Up Down adjustment system as per bird size
  • Body Degree adjustment system as per bird size
  • Body Open Close system as per bird size


Bird Capacity300-3000 Birds per hr
Motor Power1.5 hp
MaterialStainless Steel (SS)
Material GradeSS 304
PhaseSingle Phase
Disc Thickness3 mm
Power Supply415V AC, +/-15%V AC


$226.00 – $3,850.00

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