Milking Machine Model MWT2 Goat is specially design for small and medium herd size. Starting Goats from 1 to 30 this is the most efficient and economical solution for milking of goats. This fully automatic milking machine is equipped with alternate pneumatic pulsator of 100 pulsation ratios which is international standard of milking and equipped with classic 300cc of milk claw and its helps to complete milk out from udders.

Commercial, hobby and home dairy equipment. Whether you milk 2, 7, 70, or 700 goats, Hamby Dairy Supply has milking machines and supplies for your operation. We offer the largest selection of goat bucket milking equipment in North America and stock spare parts for most brands. Guaranteed best prices on bucket milking systems. Professional installation service available for pipeline milking systems. The Orange text below are subcategories in our Goat Milking section.

Uses/benefits of Automatic Goat Milking Machine:

1)Automatic cow milking machine  low noise, so as not to frighten livestock.

2)Milking machine easy to use, and with instructions, reliable and stable work

3) Best dairy automatic cow milking machine improve work efficiency and save labor costs

4)Milking machine unique design, convenient operation and maintenance, which can reduce water and electricity bills

5)Cow milking machine is widely used for all  dairy farm , even big farm  is also need to settle the abnormal milk for specially ill cow

Features of Automatic Goat Milking Machine:

  • EASY TO USE & CLEAN: The package contains a user guide how to assemble,use, and clean, 2 cleaning brushes are included in the package to clean the hoses and teat cups efficiently,and It is automatically stopped when the milk is full.Clip on the hose which is used to milk with one chamber teat cup when another teat is empty to make sure lock the clip completely.
  • HIGH EFFICIENCY: Using this milking machine can save at least one-half of the labor and time as the pulsating cycle is 40~46 times per minute. It makes life on the farm much easier! The lid of bucket with a sealing ring to prevent leak and make sure vacuum situation when milker working.
  • PORTABLE:This milking machine is very portable. You can just use like a plain backpack, to transport the entire unit from one place to another.Our electric milking machine is perfect for cattle, sheep, horse,donkey,camels. PLS. NOTE:every kind of animal’s sucking pulse is different,depending on its body situation,pls take consideration if you want buy goat cow milker for horse or deer use.
  • FRIENDLY FOR ANIMALS:Using the latest technologies and professional designs, this milker will not hurt animals. The animals will like it and enjoy the process of milking.Specially ,the milk suction head is food grade silicone,unique designed for the cows and goats, The inner surfaces are very smooth,which can provide safty and healthy without peculiar smell, soft and comfortable for animals.
  • MULTIPLE CHOICE: There are 2 options of milking machines: one is for cows, another is for goats. Each type has stainless steel buckets with 3 different capacities for choose: 3L, 7L and 14L.(Note:the milk cup for cow can fit 2.5cm teat, and for goat can fit 2cm teat.)

Specification of Automatic Goat Milking Machine:

Technical paramaters:9J series gasoline engine and electric milking machine
Model9J-I type9J-II type
Work vacuum50kpa50kpa
Pulsation formGas pulsationGas pulsation
Pulsation frequency60±3 rpm60±3 rpm
Pulsation ratio60:4060:40
Supporting power1.1KW(110V,220V)
Vacuum pumping speed170L/min220L/min
Productivity      Size               Net Weight10~12cows/h            101*77*98cm                  80kg20~24cows/h             101*77*98cm                    95kg

Prices of Automatic Goat Milking Machine:

$450.00 – $2,800.00

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