It is important to provide enough drinking opportunities in each pen. Some pigs continuously intimidate other pigs, preventing them from reaching the drinking point. Therefore, at least two drinkers with nipples are recommended for pigs in a group.

Our bite nipples are the most commonly used nipples. They are best mounted at an angle of 15-45 degrees, the height still depends on the height of the pigs .Water is one of the most overlooked nutrition for pigs. Optimal water management contributes toward raising healthy and profitable pigs. The most common mistakes are irregular testing of the water, too few watering points and deviating water flow.

DURABLE MATERIAL: This water drinker nipple is made of stainless Steel, rust-proof and corrosion resistant.

CLEAN AND FRESH WATER: The Stainless Steel filtering screen can effectively filter out the debris and sediment, providing clean and fresh water for pigs.

WATER-SAVING AND EFFORT-SAVING: When pigs’ snout hit the pole, water will flow out automatically, and stop when their snout is away; you only need to refill the container once or twice a week!Those are the main reason behind that this product is on the list of Best Pig Drinking Equipment.

PRODUCT SIZE: 2.8″ in length, 1/2″ Thread, simple structure, easy to use.

Prices of Automatic Nipple Waterer For Pigs


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