This small rice processing machine covers an small area, has compact structure, high yield, no residue. It is also easy to maintain and operate. The rice produced can meet the national standards. It is an ideal equipment for market town, farms, individual proprietors or small business. OYCM15S Combine Rice milling machine Main contains are Rice Cleaner, TQLQ50 Destoner, MLGT15 Husker, MGCZ80×5 Separator, 15 Series Whitener, Rice Grader, Elevators, Motors & Spare Parts. The output is 1000-1200 kg rice per hour, input 1400-1700 kg paddy per hour. Its main factures are as follow: 1.compact structure, simple operation, convenient maintenance, little noise, high yield, processing rice in farmlands, towns, grain shops and specialized households, can add other follow-up equipment, such as grader, polisher, color sorter, Better cleaning effect


The basic objective of a Automatic Rice Milling Machine is to remove the husk and the bran layers, and produce an edible, white rice kernel that is sufficiently milled and free of impurities.


  1. Unibody base designed for convenient transportation and installation, stable operation, low space occupation.
  2. High efficiency double-layer drum type cleaning sieve, strong precleaning performance.
  3. It improves production efficiency by the unique rehulling leftover paddy design.
  4. Innovative emery roller whitening technology, low rice temperature, less bran remains, improves the rice quality.
  5. Smooth processing flow, easy operation for just one person.
  6. Independent safe electric control system for more convenient operation.
  7. Improved transmission system  extends duration of consumption parts
  8. Modula design, reserves connectivity with follow up equipments to double mill, grade and sorte for better rice quality.
  9. Low investment and high yield


Rice milling rate (%)68-72%68-72%68-72%
Cleaner and de-stonerTZQY54/QSX45TZQY54/QSX45TZQY54/QSX45
Paddy separatorMGCZ70×6MGCZ70×6MGCZ70×6
Rice millNF15A(1pc)NF15A(1pc)NF15A(1pc)
Rice graderBasic rice graderMJP50×2MJP50×2
Rice polisher//MPGT12.5
Single elevatorDTG19/8-1pcDTG19/8-2pcsDTG19/8-3pcs
Double elevatorDTG19/8-8DTG19/8-8DTG19/8-8
Overall dimension(mm)3300×1200×34003800×1200×34005000×1200×3400


$1,500.00 – $56,800.00

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