Automatic Vaccinator For Poultry

The VaccMan PV3 poultry and turkey syringe featuring the unique ‘fixed dosage’ technology, equips your team with the most user-friendly vaccine device. Easy to assemble and maintain, the VaccMan PV3 is continually ready for a repeat performance. Renowned for lasting the distance, the VaccMan PV3 is a highly cost-effective yet affordable poultry syringe.

The VaccMan PV3 has been optimized for the mass treatment of one-day-old chicks, other small birds and fish requiring up to 0.75cc dose. Its ergonomic structure has been designed to increase ease-of-use, reduce user fatigue and minimize damage to the poultry stock. The Fix Dose Piston Type Vaccinator has been chosen by the global vaccine companies year after year as the in-house syringe to promote their vaccines. It is supplied with seven fixed-dosage pistons: 0.2cc, 0.25cc, 0.3cc, 0.4cc 0.5cc., 06cc & 0.75cc

Features of Automatic Vaccinator For Poultry

Our Automatic Vaccinator (for poultry) is the best poultry injector available in the market. It is ergonomically designed and very easy to use.

  • The offered automatic injector/ vaccinator syringe (continuous action) is a high-quality, ultra-precise veterinary syringe injector that makes vaccination easy and seamless.
  • The offered product is also called veterinary continuous syringe, this vaccine syringe is adjustable and is capable of administering up to 0.1-0.5ml per bird.
  • It is also equipped with “Nechmad” valve system technology which ensures accurate delivery with no room for errors.
  • It is professionally used for mass administration of poultry vaccines. It is particularly beneficial in administering the same fixed dosage per bird without having to check the settings each time a bird is being vaccinated.

Advantages of Automatic Vaccinator For Poultry

~ All metal body – no glass to be broken
~ Highly versatile automatic vaccination tool
~ Ergonomically designed for fatigue-free operation
~ Cost-effective for poultry and small animals
~ Fixed dosage ensures same accurate dosage and measure per inoculation
~ Eliminates need to check settings while administering mass injections
~ Long lasting syringe works for years
~ Super easy to change piston per dosage – on each piston the measure is stamped ~ The valve system ensures accurate delivery with no room for error
~ Economical parts are all interchangeable
~ All syringes can be sterilized up to 125 C

Product Specification

Automation TypeAutomatic
Equipment UseVaccination
Model Name/NumberPV3
Bird TypeChicken
Country Of OriginMade In India
Minimum Order Quantity15

Prices of Automatic Vaccinator For Poultry

$25.00-$50.00/ Piece

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