Axial Herbicide is a product that will kill weeds and grasses on your lawn. This herbicide can be used on lawns and other areas where you have unwanted plants, like flower beds and vegetable gardens.

Axial Herbicide is a systemic herbicide that protects your turf from weeds. It works by inhibiting the growth of new plant tissue, which prevents weeds from growing.

It’s easy to apply, and it’s safe for kids, pets, and plants. It won’t damage your existing grass or plants it only kills weeds.

Axial Herbicide is a herbicide that is used to kill weeds, brush and grasses. It can be used on residential and commercial properties, but it is not safe for use in food crops, ornamental plants and trees.

Axial Herbicide works by inhibiting the growth of plants. It does this by blocking the photosynthesis process, which is necessary for plant growth.

The price of Axial herbicide is a question that many people ask when they want to purchase it for their garden. The herbicide is manufactured in Russia and shipped around the world. There are several factors to consider when comparing the prices of the various types of herbicides. This article will cover some of these factors, including the price of Axial herbicide, the Rainfast period, and its shipping costs. Read on to learn more.


The Pinoxaden Axial Herbicide price varies from region to region and depends on the amount of product used. It is effective in controlling broadleaved weeds, including oats, barley, and rye-grass. This herbicide is not safe for aquatic organisms and should not be applied to plants used for human consumption. It is used on both conventional and organic crops.

The Axial herbicide is an emulsifiable concentrate with the active ingredient pinoxaden and the weedkiller cloquintocet-mexyl. Axial herbicide is designed to maximize yield at single application rates, has a rainfast period of 30 minutes, and has an extended application window. The product is suitable for use in both irrigated and non-irrigated fields. The pinoxaden Axial herbicide is one of the most popular weedkillers on the market today.


If you’re wondering about Cloquintocet-mexyL herbicide price, there are some things that you should know. The herbicide is used for controlling coarse annual grasses and weeds, such as pyroxsulam and Poaceae. It can be stored at room temperature in the continental US and is soluble in water. You can also find the solubility of the herbicide on the label.

This herbicide is a phosphorus-based compound that modifies the physiology of the target crop. The active constituent in this chemical is cloquintocet acid, which is absorbed into the plant’s cells and tissues. It is approved by the APVMA and is available in 1.4 kg and 2.8 kg HDPE containers. It is highly recommended that you purchase a cloquintocet-mexyl herbicide that meets your needs and budget.

This product has an effective rate of use, and it is well-known for its ability to control weeds and other plants. Its pricing is comparable to that of other similar products. Cloquintocet-mexyl herbicide price has become more affordable as the price of this product has decreased. It is also widely used for agriculture. If you’re interested in learning more about Cloquintocet-mexyl herbicide price, keep reading.

The EPA has analyzed the available information regarding cloquintocet-mexyl and a number of other chemicals that it regulates. EPA believes that the current toxicity database is adequate and that no additional research is necessary. It will require a confirmatory immunotoxicity study. Once it passes this hurdle, the herbicide will be registered as a pesticide. Just make sure you use it responsibly.


Axial Herbicide Adjuvant is a broadleaf weed killer that is effective on both annual and perennial crops. The product is available in two different price ranges: low and high. It is highly effective in controlling tough broadleaf weeds, and it comes with superior rain fastness. It is also highly effective on weeds in cereal crops. This herbicide is also a great choice for farmers who need to manage herbicide resistance.

Axial Herbicide is a systemic weed killer with a wide window of the application. It is highly selective, providing excellent crop safety and application flexibility. Its built-in safener protects crops and helps it to work faster than competitors. It also works faster than other Group 2 grass herbicides. During ideal conditions, grassy weeds will change colour within three to five days.

AXIAL can be applied to black-grass as early as 31 December. It is most effective when applied with the ADIGOR adjuvant. However, AXIAL can be applied with a conventional fan nozzle. It requires two to three bars of spray pressure and should be sprayed in 100-400 litres of water per hectare. The product is less effective in black-grass, but it does affect other weeds and grasses.

Rainfast period

Axial XL is a broadleaf herbicide that can control wild oats and rye grasses in winter wheat and winter barley. It is not recommended for application to stressed crops. It must be applied prior to any other broadleaf herbicide, such as Agri-Gon and Logan 20 WG. Axial XL is not recommended for use in mixtures with hormone herbicides.

AXIAL is available in a single-sprayer formulation or as a concentrate with an adjuvant (ADGOR). The correct dose for each species depends on the target weed and season. AXIAL is effective against Italian rye-grass, perennial rye-grass, and wild oats, and can be applied to these species at 0.3 litres/ha. However, it is best applied in a weed control program and should not be used alone.

Axial is a foliar-acting grass weed killer that is formulated for use on winter wheat and spring barley. It is compatible with many broadleaf herbicides. Ensure you know the rainfast period for Axial Herbicide before applying it. The product has a 30-minute rainfast period. It is a popular herbicide, so use it wisely.


Axial is a systemic herbicide designed for postemergence control of monocotyledonous weeds. It is extremely selective for crops and stops cellular metabolism in the targeted weeds. AxIAL kills weeds within 3 weeks. Regardless of the crop type, AXIAL can be applied either in spring or autumn. It is important to apply the herbicide when weeds have at least two leaves. The normal volume of the herbicide solution for each hectare is 200-300 l.

Axial EC is a new herbicide from Syngenta. It is intended for postemergence control of grassy weeds in cereal crops. The herbicide contains pinoxaden, which is a member of a new chemical class. This new herbicide has excellent selectivity in culture, allowing you to target grassy weeds with precision. AXIAL is a very selective herbicide and can be used on a wide range of crops.

AXIAL is usually applied in a two-part mix with an ADIGOR adjuvant. Depending on the weed species and the time of year, the dosage will differ. For example, an application of AXIAL at 0.3 litres per hectare may not be effective against perennial ryegrass and Italian rye-grass. In order to achieve maximum control, AXIAL should be applied at a rate that prevents over-application or failure of crops.

To maximize yield and minimize the risk of crop injury, the application of Axial should be done in two passes. First, apply Axiom early POST, followed by Axial XL at the end of the harvest. If Axial XL has been applied earlier, yields were lower. In this case, the first pass will have better results. The second pass of Axiom should be done POST for the weed control.

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