Formulated to effectively controlling tough mixed grasses, Axial® herbicide maximizes yield at a single use rate. Axial has a rainfast period of 30 minutes, and its wide application window offers the flexibility to apply early or late without sacrificing performance. Axial® active ingredients are CLOQUINTOCET-MEXYL+PINAXADEN and gives farmers the much needed freedom to choose best tank-mix partner for the broadleaf weed spectrum without injuring the crop along with single grass control solution for both wheat and barley Which makes it one of the top selling herbicide in the market today.


Axial 050 EC is a new Syngenta herbicide for postemergence combat of the main annual monocotyledonous weeds in cereal crops. The active substance, pinoxaden, is part of a new chemical class. Axial 050 EC offers flexibility in combating grass weeds, being very selective for culture.

Controlling tough mixed grasses, Axial® XL herbicide maximizes yield at a single use rate. Axial XL has a rainfast period of 30 minutes, and its wide application window offers the flexibility to apply early or late without sacrificing performance

Features of Axial Syngenta

Based on the innovative chemistry of pinoxaden – the latest herbicide active ingredient to be discovered and developed by Syngenta – Axial is the first of a family of tailor-made grassweed solutions to be introduced to growers globally Axial has been developed for worldwide use in both wheat and barley, and offers unrivaled crop tolerance, with no rotational restrictions. In addition, Axial extends the spectrum of weeds controlled by our existing portfolio, and offers convenience to the grower through its flexbile application times and compatibility with many broadleaf herbicides. The combination of these attributes means that Axial helps growers to advance to new confidence. 

  • It Controls Phalaris Which Is A Key Weed
  • It Is Very Safe To Crop
  • It Controls Phalaris, A Key Weed Of Wheat Crop
  • Post Emergence Selective Herbicide For Wheat Crop
  • It Contains Pinoxaden 5.1%


  • Very Effective In All Weather Conditions
  • Safe For The Present And Subsequent Crop
  • Post Emergence Selective Herbicide – Wheat Crop
  • Dose/acre – 800 – 900 ML/ha
  • Application Time – 3 – 5 Leaf Stage Of Weed

How to use it:

The product can be applied up to the second stage of the wheat culture internally, the optimal stage of weed control. Over this stage, weeds become more resistant and, depending on atmospheric conditions (drought), the effect of the product may decrease. Mixed (monocotyledonous and dicotyledonous) infestations apply Axial 050 EC associated with a herbicide against dicotyledonous weeds such as Logran 20 WG. Use a volume of 200-300 liters / ha.

Uses/benefits of Axial Syngenta

Axial is Syngenta’s innovative post-emergent selective grassweed herbicide, for use in both wheat and barley. Employing our new active ingredient, pinoxaden, it offers the grower

Efficacy – highly effective control of an extended spectrum of grassweeds – including Alopecurus, Apera, Avena, Lolium and Setaria

Selectivity – excellent crop safety through its selective targetting of grassweeds

Flexibility – convenience through flexible application times in varying weather conditions, with no rotational restrictions

Product Details

Packaging Size1 L, 5 L
Technical NamePinoxaden 5.1% EC
Cas Number243973-20-8
CropWheat, Barley
Packaging TypePack

Prices of Axial Syngenta

$297.37 – $559.00

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