Baby Goats Price

We have baby Nigerian Dwarf Goats Available with Excellent milking lines!  Nigerian Dwarf Goats make a very high fat milk that is excellent for drinking, making cheese or fun crafts like soap making!  They make amazing pets as well!  They love interacting with people, being held and snuggling.  We will have several kids available of various colors, some will be polled and blue eyed. Baby Goats are Weaned and ready to go to their forever home at 12 weeks.  I believe it is vital to the long term health of these babies to keep them with momma goat until they are fully weaned at 3 months.  While they are in my care they are handled and loved on daily.  They also start participating in our goat yoga classes at just one week so they are very friendly and love being with people.

If you’re looking into getting a goat as a pet, besides choosing the right sex (females or castrated males are best) the only thing you need to be sure of is to purchase a friendly dam-raised goat or a bottle fed goat, so that it is very accustomed to humans and will actually come when called:) You definitely don’t want to have to chase down your little goat friend and force him to play with you. A big red flag is if it runs from you when you go to pick it up.


Baby goats are as cute as puppies. You just want to pick them up and cuddle them. Some research finds they even have canine-like personalities. Goats of all ages have expressive faces, even with their odd eyes and interesting facial hair. Domesticated about 10,000 years ago, there are more than 200 domestic breeds of goats found all over the world today. They come in all sorts of colors and sizes and can be found eating grass or tree trunks. What else do we know about these doe-eyed creatures? Here are lots of interesting goat facts.

If you decide to bottle feed, you will need to teach your baby goat to drink from a bottle. Squirting milk into its mouth quickly helps it associate the bottle with milk. Baby goats should be fed at least four times a day for the first month, and then you can reduce the number of feedings to three. Follow the advice of your vet on the exact amounts of milk to feed and any other supplements needed. If you plan to bottle feed, you will need a few items:2

  • Goat baby bottle
  • Lamb or kid nipple
  • Goat milk replacement formula
  • Colostrum replacement (if necessary)

Product Specification

ColorAll cooler
Life Span2 month
KurbaniFor kurbani
Minimum Order Quantity25 20′ Container

Baby Goats Price

$150.00 – $325.00

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