Banana Chips Slicer

Banana Chips Slicer or chips machine of slice thickness is adjustable, machine itself with 3 blades. The banana slicing machine can make banana, apple, potato, sweet potato, cucumber, balsam pear, lotus root, eggplant pieces and chips. This banana slicing machine widely used for hard fruit and vegetable such as root and stem fruits and vegetables. Reasonable design, high performance, easy operation, easy to clean. The machine is designed and manufactured according to the higher and higher quality requirements of the market.

Bananas, round slices and oval slices do not need to be pressed by hand. It has the characteristics of accurate orientation, adjustable sheet thickness, consistent thickness and good finish. Suitable for carrot, banana, onion ring, apple ring, lotus root, burdock, yam, Directional slicing of potato, ball, root fruit and vegetable materials such as bamboo shoots and sweet oranges.


Banana chips cutting machine is multi-purpose to make banana slices, potato chips, vegetable slices, etc. Banana chips cutting machine is specially designed to make banana slices. Vertical feeding ensures sliced bananas round and neat. Two feeding throats fasten slicing speed.


  • Banana Magic – the Top Name Brand Banana Slicer Tool – Easily chop and entire banana at once
  • Safe & Easy to use- Great for kids to help out with preparing snack time
  • Make perfect uniform banana chips everytime- perfect for fruit salads, decorative deserts
  • Save time slicing many banana chips for dehydrating! simply peel the banana a press down
  • 2 qty pack- Save $ !Dishwasher Safe! Durable! Safe! Fun to use.


Dimension (mm)Cut specification(mm)Sheet thickness (mm)Capacity (kg)
Cutter head (kg)Exit size (mm)Feed trough (mm)Texture
10370*270*370Φ22~Φ76304 stainless steel


$28.05 – $300.00

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