Basf Merivon Fungicide Price

New research from BASF showcases the disease control and Advanced Plant Health benefits of Merivon® fungicide. Merivon fungicide received U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registration for use on almonds in 2014.This is the first full season the product is available for almond growers in California.

“BASF is committed to providing new, innovative products for the specialty market,” said Nick Schweizer, Product Manager, BASF. “With the addition of Merivon fungicide to the California market, almond growers have assurance that their acres will be protected.


Merivon (FLUXAPYROXAD + PYRACLOSTROBIN ) is a combination of Xemium and pyraclostrobin, the same active ingredient as in Pristine fungicide. This combination delivers longer-lasting disease protection, Advanced Plant Health benefits and healthier, higher-quality fruit. Xemium creates rainfast reservoirs on leaf surfaces that continuously distribute its unique chemistry throughout the leaf. This chemistry demonstrates extraordinary mobility and distribution throughout the leaf, reaching areas untouched by the initial application.

Protect your crop from yield losses due to major diseases such as Alternaria and Marssonina on apples. Get to know Merivon®, BASF’s latest fungicide which provides more consistent performance for maximum crop potential. Merivon® contains a unique combination of Xemium®, the latest fungicide innovation by BASF, and F-500, the #1 Plant Health Fungicide.

Uses/benefits of Basf Merivon Fungicide

  • Broad spectrum disease control
  • Faster & longer duration control
  • Enjoy its AgCelence® benefit: Enhanced fruit quality

Features of Basf Merivon Fungicide

  • Enhanced fruit quality
  • Faster & longer duration control
  • Broad spectrum disease control

Mode Of Action

Xemium, is fully adsorbed and evenly transported in the leaves ensuring exceptional distribution and continuous action, thereby controlling the diseases for longer duration.

Product Details

Packaging Size80 ml, 250 ml
Packaging TypeBottle
Technical NameFluxapyroxad 250 g/L + Pyraclostrobin 250 g/L SC
Cas NumberPyraclostrobin – 175013-18-0;
Fluxapyroxad – 907204-31-3
CropApple Chilli, Tomato, Cucumber
Disease nameAlternaria, Marssonina, Leaf Fall, Fruit Blotch

Prices of Basf Merivon Fungicide

$63.95 – $376.92

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