Basmati Rice Price 1 Kg

Tilda Pure Original Basmati Rice 1 kg on Enjoy the goodness of a carefully sourced and well packaged basmati rice from Tilda with no compromise in taste, purity, quality or nutrition. Basmati rice is a type of long grained rice, originated at the Himalayan foot hills of Indian subcontinent. It has a really nice floral aroma and a light nutty flavour. The biggest producers of Basmati rice are India and Pakistan. This rice gives you the traditional taste of india and this rice embodies all the characteristics of a true basmati rice grain. It’s comes in many brands but Tilda stands out as one of the best.

It comes in a very colourful and attractive package. Basmati rice is very nutritious, supports weight loss, prevents formation of cancer cell, aids digestion, controls blood pressure, improves heart health and is diabetes friendly. It’s easy to cook and helps save time. Buy Tilda Golden Sella Parboiled Basmati Rice at the lowest price online on Buy Tilda Pure Original Basmati Rice 1 kg on Put some variety in your meals and infuse rice when planning dishes for the week. You can cook your rice in so many ways and that’s what makes them so popular with kids and adults. Basmati rice has a great aroma and taste and, if cooked well, is very soft and tender to eat. Basmati rice originates from India but loved the world over

Uses/benefits of Basmati Rice

This is a time-tested ingredient so knowing how to make it shouldn’t be a problem for you. Adding this as part of your regular meal plan can help you maintain a balanced diet. If you want to know the health benefits, check the ingredients and contents which will be stated on the packaging if available. Otherwise, you can do an online search to know more about it. For those concerned about weight loss, weight gain or burning excess fat, be sure to monitor the calories and cholesterol in your diet. You should eat foods that lower cholesterol and reduce the likelihood of high blood pressure and heart disease.

High BP and diabetes are very common in this part of the world but they can be partly managed by reducing stress, eating less oily foods and having a generally healthy diet that is combined with regular exercise. Knowing the ingredients in your food is also important in order to be conscious of any adverse side effects on your health or immune system. The undisputed online retailer to get low prices and huge discounts always.


India Gate classic is a premium long grain basmati rice, good for Biryani and other recipes. The Rice is aged old and rich in aroma.

Product Specification

Packaging TypeHDPE Sack Bag
BrandV S T
Packaging Size1kg, 20kg
Energy365 Kcal
Moisture13 %
Country Of OriginMade In India
UsageTo Make Biryani
Brokens2 % Max
Average Grain Length8.3 Mm
Dietary Fibre2.4 G
Minimum Order Quantity500 Kg

Prices of Basmati Rice

$3.00-$7.00/ kg

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