BCS 2 Wheel Tractor For Sale

This BCS 2 Wheel Tractor is a perfect addition to your farm or ranch. This tractor is in great condition and ready to be put to work. It has a Ford 1014 engine and can pull up to 3,000 pounds. This tractor also has an adjustable hitch that allows you to attach different implements with ease. The tires on this tractor are in great shape and the paint is still in good condition too. There are no leaks or other issues with this machine. This tractor would make a great addition to any growing operation.

It comes with a front loader, rear hitch, and 3-point hitch. It will also come with a 42-inch mowing deck, snow blower, and brush hog. The tractor has a small gas tank and the tires are in excellent shape. The tractor runs great and has a ton of power. This is a great deal on a great little tractor.

This BCS 2 Wheel Tractor for Sale is in great condition and ready to work. It has a brand new battery, and all of the tires are in good working order. The engine runs well, and it is ready to be used on your farm or ranch.

BCS 2 Wheel Tractor For Sale

If you want to find the best BCS Walk Behind Tractor For Sale, you should know what to look for. A good BCS tractor will have the power to work with a variety of attachments. Consider the tractor model and how many working speeds it has, weight distribution, and balance when deciding on the right one. Listed below are some features to look for in a BCS Walk Behind Tractor For Sale.

Walk-behind tractors

A walk-behind tractor is a tractor that has been designed for use by people on foot. The machine is a single-axle version of a standard 4-wheel farm tractor. It can be used for a variety of tasks and operates a variety of implements, including mowers, seeders, and snowblowers. It is ideal for both industrial and agricultural applications.

The versatile BCS tractor comes with various attachments. It has an optional 38-inch finish mower, which can be fitted with a grass collector. It also comes with a sulky seat, and a two-wheeled pull-behind seat. Other implements for BCS tractors are available. Earth Tools, the largest distributor of BCS walk-behind tractors in the United States, carries over 30 implements for the machine.

The BCS walk-behind tractor is the product of many years of research and development by farmers for farmers. Developed in Italy in the 1940s, it was intended to make farming more efficient and reduce the physical stress involved in hay harvesting. The Italian manufacturer has produced walk-behind tractors for more than sixty years and is known worldwide for their durability. BCS America is based in Oregon.

Buying a BCS walk-behind tractor for sale is the perfect solution for farmers who want to take control of their farms. It can do all of these tasks and more. The newest BCS walk-behind tractor for sale will increase your productivity and efficiency. When you choose a BCS walk-behind tractor, you’ll be glad you did. It is well worth the investment.

Commercial quality

The BCS is an extremely affordable, commercial-quality two-wheel tractor that meets the requirements of small farms and small-scale businesses. The BCS tractor is less than $5000 (USD), and it provides a single powerful piece of equipment that can handle multiple activities. Its lightweight design allows it to be easily maneuvered through tight spaces and is designed to prevent soil compaction. It is a great choice for the small-scale farming market because it is highly maneuverable and has a wide range of attachments available.

The BCS 740 features a PowerSafe clutch, which stops the engine and drive when the operator lets go of the steering wheel. The power safety clutch protects the drive train and minimizes the risk of accidents. In addition, the tractor features a locking differential, steering brakes, and large, 5.00-inch wheels. The BCS 740 is one of the safest two-wheel tractors on the market.

In addition to the BCS 740’s wide wheelbase, it has a high-quality hydraulic system for boosting power. The rototiller allows the operator to thresh hard soil or prepare beds with minimal effort. The BCS 740 is built to last for years, and it’s worth its weight in gold. A commercial quality BCS tractor can be a valuable investment in your farm, so make sure to read the following reviews.

The BCS Two Wheel Tractor Attachments are built to maximize your tractor’s performance and versatility. These attachments will allow you to convert your two-wheel tractor into a three-wheel tractor without sacrificing its productivity. In addition to being durable, BCS two-wheel tractor attachments are easy to install. These attachments can be used on different types of tractors, making them an excellent choice for many small farms and landscape businesses.


The BCS 2 Wheel Tractor is a single, powerful piece of equipment that supports a variety of activities, including break-breaking and mowing. The lightweight design, designed for small farming systems, helps prevent soil compaction. The BCS also features anti-vibration handles, which are ergonomically designed and comfortable to hold. In addition, most of BCS’ attachments are capable of supporting a variety of tasks, including sweeping walkways, cultivation, and mowing cover crops.

All-gear transmissions and powerful engines make BCS Two Wheel Tractors reliable working tools. They also feature a steering brake for easy turning, and three forward and reverse speeds. In addition, BCS tractors come with a two-wheel tractor quick-coupling system to attach implements easily. With these features, BCS Two Wheel Tractors offer unmatched reliability. The BCS range of tractors includes more than 40 pieces of equipment for the smaller farmer.

While the BCS “new” PTO system is more reliable than the old one, it is more difficult to maintain and repairs are more expensive. The “old” system, which is found in many older BCS machines, is largely identical to the Grillo version. It is reliable, simple to maintain, and has been proven on other BCS machines for years. So if you’re considering buying a BCS 2 Wheel Tractor, you should consider how much it costs to operate and maintain it.

The BCS 2 Wheel Tractor features a 30-inch snow thrower and 42-inch snow blade. The two attachments mount effortlessly, with the shaft of the tractor slipping into the mounting rings. A stainless steel ring and pin hold them in place. The BCS 2 Wheel Tractor also features belt drives for all tools, including the snow thrower and snow blade. The length of the belt varies depending on the attachment.

Power source

The Power source for the BCS two-wheel tractor comes in two forms. You can either use a gas-powered engine or an electric start model. Electric start tractors do not come with batteries. This option is more costly than a gas-powered tractor, but it does have some advantages. Buying one with an electric start is a good choice if you need to use it regularly. A battery will last a long time.

Considering the price of the BCS 2-wheel tractor, it’s a good investment. It can deliver multiple benefits for a small farm. The Honda engine will provide ample power to support a variety of attachments. The tractor’s foot controls make it easy for a farmer to operate. Moreover, a reversible handle and adjustable arms make it easy to maneuver the tractor over beds and lands.


When it comes to two-wheel tractors, few manufacturers are more dependable than BCS. With an all-gear drive system and top-of-the-line engines, the BCS Two Wheel Tractor offers unrivaled versatility and functionality. The BCS two-wheel tractor is the ideal machine for keeping your property in good condition. In five to ten minutes, you can transform your BCS tractor into a snow thrower or a chipper/shredder.

A BCS two-wheel tractor comes with numerous attachments that extend its usefulness beyond the standard function of a two-wheel tractor. The power harrow is useful for integrating soil amendments. The flail mower enables you to mow weeds and green manure. You can also use the rototiller to break up hard soils. And of course, you can customize your BCS tractor with a variety of implements and accessories.

The G131 Grillo adapter fits the G107 type of PTOs. Some implements have a female quick coupling and may require this adapter. These are available as part of a complete adapter kit from Earth Tools. If you plan on using the BCS 2 Wheel Tractor with an implement, the PTO extensions can help you balance it better. This PTO extension will move the weight away from the tractor axle and the implement. A PTO extension is needed to balance a heavier tractor with lighter implements. It will also help to gain more clearance between the implement and the wheels.

BCS Tillers are an essential tool for building soil. Known around the world, BCS Tillers are renowned for their ease of use and versatility. Another useful attachment is the BCS Swivel Rotary Plow, which is a dual plowshare with two blades. A 4-foot Plastic Mulch Layer is another great attachment. A BCS Snow Thrower is also available. It features an impeller speed of 1200 RPM and a wide spread.

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