Beef Cattle Farm Equipment

In New England, beef enterprises are cow/calf, feeder, or a combination of both. Cow/calf enterprises usually require less financial investment in facilities than feeder operations. Feeder cattle facilities require more confinement pens, more automation of feeding systems and less need for roofed shelters. Each type of facility must be designed accordingly.

Several different designs for housing and handling facilities are suitable for beef operations taking into consideration the weather, topography, and the availability of feed and pasture. It is important to know all the rules and regulations with respect to location, design, and type of operation. Check with your local Building Inspector to obtain the required permits prior to building or renovating your existing facility. You should also talk to an experienced builder or contractor to ensure the cost of the facility is within the objectives of the operation.

It is important to choose a location for buildings and handling facilities that is on well-drained soil with properly designed surface water drainage situated away from streams, other bodies of water and is not close to population centers. Check with your county Natural Resources and Conservation Service (NRCS) office for recommended guidelines.


  • fence (texas panel) – to create passageways, space for division pens
  • fence with a door (texas panel) – allows the entry of persons into the passageways, space, pens
  • part of the arc, connecting rod – to create passage semicircle, quadrant
  • entrance to the alley – this episode follows passageways, progressing animals entering the alley
  • passage gates – are part of passage semicircle, quadrant
  • dividing doors – separate the animals in the alley, prevent progress of animals in passage alley
  • supporting gate – strengthens passageways, determines the width of passageways
  • sorting box – classified in the passageways, used to classify animals
  • rear brake – reduces the “reverse” of adult cattle away from passageways
  • pasture gates – are used to sort cattle
  • supporting gate with hinges – pasture door hinges to hangings
  • panel with the passage of calf – to wintering grounds, prevents adult cattle go into the “nursery”
  • fixation cages – for basic veterinary hooves’ treatment
  • forehead fixation with a basket – for a basic veterinary treatment
  • forehead fixation – adheres passageways
  • mobile strain gauge weight – weighing all categories of cattle (up to 2500 kg)
  • feeder – various diameters for different number of animals
  • feeding area for calves – on pasture for feeding calves
  • feeders for sheep and goats – different diameters
  • feeders for horses
  • electric fencing, resources, posts, insulators, conductors,.

Features of Beef Cattle Farm Equipment:

The full name of the Fully automatic cow cattle body brush Farm equipment: the Fully automatic cow cattle body brush Farm equipment starts to rotate when it comes into contact with the cow, and rotates in any direction at a comfortable speed of the cow. The speed is stable, from head to tail, from the back to the side, the cow can fully enjoy the thoughtful and comfortable life. . The length and hardness of the bristles stimulate the cow’s blood circulation to keep the cows clean and quiet. Cows with oscillating Fully automatic cow cattle body brush Farm equipmentwill be healthier and produce more milk, while also ensuring a good living environment for cows.


Applicable objectsSuckling pig´╝îlamb
OEM slat flooryes
UsagePig Growing
MOQ1 Set
Surface treatmentPVC Coated
Life Time12—15years
FunctionPig Raising
Main marketGlobal Markets
Drinking systemAutomatic Nipple Drinker
ApplicationSow Farrowing
FeatureEasy Install

Prices of Beef Cattle Farm Equipment:

$520.00 – $4,400.00

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