The Automatic Bell Drinker is an innovative equipment ideal for providing clean and continuous water supply for poultry. It is indicated for floor-reared poultry (broiler, cockerel, pullet, or kuroiler) and can provide 24 hours supply of water once connected to a filled overhead tank. Automatic drinker for raising chickens, made of high-durability polyethylene. It is easily installed by connecting it directly to the water supply and thanks to its bell shape distributes the water so that several chickens can drink comfortably. The Bell Drinker comes in two different types. The Chines and Indian models. It is also an automatic bell drinker, which is especially used for poultry birds raised with deep litter system (chickens of different breeds of broilers, pullet, cockerel, noiler etc., raised on the floor). This high-quality automatic bell drinker remains the most convenient way to supply constant clean water for your birds from day old chicks to maturity.


The Bell Drinker which is also sometimes called automatic drinkers, provides efficient distribution of water to deep litter birds from their Day old chicks all through to their matured and growth period. This drinker also have a special filter sieve which makes sure that there is continuous clean water supply.


The Indian bell drinker enables Chickens to perform better when they have uninterrupted access to freshwater. Here are some characteristics of this bell drinker

  • The product, which is a hanging-type drinker, is suitable for floor-reared chickens.
  • The bell drinker is made from a rugged plastic made to stand the test of time in spite of very active activity from chickens.
  • It is easily adjustable to meet the needs of growing chickens. It helps you ensure a constant water level and a dry floor on your farm.
  • Once a bird drinks as little as 10 grams (0.3 oz.) of water, this highly sensitive and maintenance-free system is activated.
  • Approximately 10 to 12 of the drinkers are needed to serve 1000 adult chickens. In hot climates, experience shows that you might need 12 to 14 drinkers for 1000 chickens.
  • Adjust drinkers to the proper drinking height, always keeping the drinker lip a little higher than the bird’s back. The water pressure can be regulated with the pressure regulator.


Product namechinese factory plason nipple drinker 
Material100% plastic
 Application Poultry and livestock farming equipment
 Usage use for 35 adult chicken
 Size Diameter 38cm Height:34cm
 Colour red


$2.30 – $3.00

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