The Bird Dog is a popular hunting dog training aid and is used to train young dogs to stay close to their master. It can be used for virtually any breed of dog, including hounds and retrievers. The Bird Dog is also called a “check cord.” It consists of a leash attached to a small collar around the dog’s neck. The leash should be about ten feet long, but it can vary depending on the size of your dog.

When using the Bird Dog training aid, hold one end in your left hand and keep it taut at all times while you are training the puppy. If the puppy strays too far away from you, tug gently on the check cord so that he returns to your side. When he does this successfully, praise him lavishly and give him a treat if necessary.

This method works best if you have another person present who can help ensure that both sides of the check cord remain taut at all times throughout training sessions.

Bird Dog Training Aids

When you’re training your bird dog, it’s important to have the right training aids. Training aids like training bumpers and marking flags are great options for training your dog. They can be used in place of real birds in repetitive drills, and they can be customized with initials to make sure they’re returned. Advanced training kits will typically contain four to five dozen bumpers. These are ideal for advanced training.


Uplander bird dog training aids are designed to simulate the flushing action of a real bird. Its versatile design lets it be used with many different training methods. Training bumpers, for example, are used in place of real birds during repetitive retrieving drills. Unlike real birds, however, the bumpers do not lose their shape after being dropped. In advanced training kits, four or five dozen bumpers will be included.

White marking flags

Marking flags are very useful training equipment for retrievers. By using marking flags, the dog can learn the proper handling and marking techniques. They are also easy to use and can be stored easily after training. They are also a great investment for bird-dog owners as they are very inexpensive.


The G5 Bird Dog Training Aids are versatile and durable. They can be used with remote backing dog and bird launcher systems. They are ideal for teaching pointers to honor. They simulate flushing a pigeon, which will give your dogs a feel for flushing a bird.

Browning Dog Handlers Training Bag

The Browning Dog Handlers Training Bag has many features. First, it features a large, heavy-duty poly shell with double-riveted seams. It also has a water-resistant bottom. There are also plenty of pockets for your dog’s supplies. Another great feature of this bag is its doctor’s bag-style opening, which allows you to quickly access supplies.

Garmin Sport PRO

Developed by Garmin, the Sport PRO e-collar is a simple training device with a 3/4-mile range and 10 levels of stimulation. Its remote control gives you the flexibility to adjust the level of stimulation according to your dog’s behavior. It has features like a bark limiter, LED beacon lights, and a positive click.

The Sport PRO is compact, lightweight, and easy to use with one hand. It is also available with two preset levels for the intensity of the correction. The device also has a built-in bark limiter that helps you to locate your dog in low-light conditions. It is a great tool for Birddog owners who want to train their dogs with the aid of technology.

It has an easy-to-use remote control and can control up to three dogs. It floats in water and features a vibrate, tone, and bark-limiter feature. The Sport PRO has a range of 3/4 miles and comes with interchangeable contact points. It can also be used to train multiple dogs at the same time.

Another feature of the Sport PRO is that it is waterproof and rugged. The handheld and remote control are IPX7-rated and are designed to withstand training and hunting conditions. They also have user-replaceable lithium-ion batteries and a battery life indicator. The transmitter is also compatible with nighttime hunting.

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