Hydroponics is the practice of growing plants without soil. It is done by using nutrient-rich water to feed the roots of the plant and provide it with all of its nutrients. Some plants can be grown using only water, but most require some kind of fertilizer to give them the nutrients they need. This fertilizer can come in many forms, including liquid solutions or dry powders. The addition of fertilizers or supplements to your hydroponic system will help ensure that your plants thrive and reach their full potential.

One type of fertilizer you can use in your hydroponic system is a bloom booster. These products are designed specifically for use during the flowering stage when your plant needs extra nutrients to produce buds and flowers. They are usually more concentrated than other types of fertilizers so they don’t need to be used as often during this stage as others would. Bloom boosters can help promote vigor and growth at this time by providing essential nutrients such as magnesium and potassium which are necessary for proper growth during this stage but may not be present in sufficient amounts already present in your hydroponic solution (if any).

There are four primary types of bloom boosters for hydroponics: BioBloom, BioEnhancer, Big Bud, and Overdrive. Learn about the differences between each type and how they can benefit your hydroponics plants. We also cover how to choose the right bloom booster for your plants. Here are some of our recommendations.


BioBloom Bloom Booster is a nutrient that is made from a unique blend of organic ingredients, including trace minerals, amino acids, and vitamins. It stimulates flowering and fruit production by providing the nutrients necessary to create strong stems and flowers. The formula is also loaded with potassium, which triggers flowering. Hydroponically, BioBloom Bloom Booster is a great way to achieve optimum flowering.

During the flowering and fruiting stages, crops are often in need of special fertilizers that support growth. BioBloom by Green House Feeding is a powder-based bloom booster that provides plants with the essential nutrients while feeding beneficial microbes. Its high NPK content allows it to be applied to plants in much smaller amounts. BioBloom has the added benefit of helping your plants grow larger and more abundant crops.

Bio-Bloom is an organic liquid bloom fertilizer made from a special blend of plant-derived hormones, enzymes, and essential amino acids. It can be used in soil-based or hydroponic systems and works with any type of medium. The optimum dosage is 2ml per 10L of water. Bio-Bloom should be used as soon as the first signs of flowering appear, up to 10 days before harvest. It should never be mixed with its concentrated form, so be sure to use it in the feed water.


This bioenhancer is a mixture of humic acid and seaweed extract, allowing you to use the same product throughout your whole cycle, including rooting cuttings and seedlings. It can also be used as a foliar spray, promoting the growth of plants and improving the quality of the soil. It’s recommended to apply BioEnhancer once every two weeks during the entire growing cycle, as well as after transplanting to promote root development.

A specialized blend of nutrients, including humates and L-form amino acids, is included in this product, as well as a specially formulated vitamin profile. Triacontanol is sugar-based alcohol that acts as a natural plant steroid, and it also contains a unique blend of carbohydrates, low molecular-weight humic acid, and essential nutrients. These nutrients help promote flower size, aroma and essential oils, and proper NPK ratios.

This hydroponic bloom enhancer contains amino acids, which are essential for human growth. “L” amino acids are beneficial to plants, as they help them store reduced sulfur and synthesize proteins. The L-Cysteine content also stimulates superior bud growth, resulting in larger and heavier flowers. This product is highly recommended for growers who want to produce a bumper crop and have it ripen before harvest.

Big Bud

The Advanced Nutrients Big Bud Bloom Booster for hydroponics promotes bigger, heavier, denser, and more aromatic flowers. The bloom booster’s high phosphorus and potassium content provide precise ratios for bigger yields and higher-quality plants. This product is best used in flowering stages and can augment up to 20% of the yield in some cases. Read on to learn more about this hydroponics flowering aid.

BioBud is a flowering plant fertilizer that provides plants with essential amino acids and minerals to promote big, abundant flowering and fruit production. It can be used in conjunction with any base fertilizer. The organic transport enhancers in BioBud boost plant metabolism, increasing mineral uptake and encouraging dense floral clusters. BioBud works with any type of growing medium, from soil to hydroponics.

Growers should be aware that Big Bud is a bloom booster. Unlike most bloom boosters on the market, Big Bud contains the correct levels of phosphorus and potassium. This is critical to plant growth during the bloom phase and for photosynthetic processes. Big Bud is also made with high-quality materials and control standards to give it longer shelf life. And because of its high-quality, trusted ingredients, Big Bud is the preferred choice of thousands of growers around the world.


Overdrive Bloom Booster is an excellent fertilizer for indoor growing, especially for the last two weeks of the bloom phase. The product has been shown to improve flower size and quality, as well as the overall health of plants. In addition, it can increase the percentage of aromatics, essential oils, and other value-adding compounds. With a pH of 7.5, this fertilizer won’t adversely affect the plants’ ph levels. Its strength should be monitored closely.

Overdrive is a premium flower booster that contains a complex blend of phosphorus, potassium, and other nutrients. It also contains hormones and catalytic agents that improve photosynthesis, flower size, and yield. Its ingredients support a variety of plant functions, including increased resistance to disease, pests, and stress. In hydroponics, it’s important to feed your plants the right nutrients to maximize their bloom and development.

Overdrive can turn your plants into fire-breathing champion producers by reinvigorating flowering and creating a new burst of desirable characteristics. Plants will produce higher yields and larger buds than ever before thanks to their ability to increase terpenoids and resins. Advanced Nutrients Overdrive has been proven to work well with Sensi Grow. If you’re looking for an all-around fertilizer for your hydroponics garden, this product should be your top choice.

J R Peters Jack’s Classic Blossom Booster

In addition to the Jack’s Classic 7-5-2 Bloom Booster, J. R. Peters now offers a new liquid orchid fertilizer. This product promotes enhanced flowering, while also offering an easy-to-mix formulation. It is formulated with both major and minor elements to support the growth of your orchids. It is recommended to use this fertilizer along with Jack’s Classic Orchid 7-5-2-6.

While the nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium ratio is more important than the bloom booster itself, most bloom fertilizers display the proportion of each on their labels. This is shown in the form of three numbers separated by dashes. J R Peters Jack’s Classic Blossom Booster for hydroponics costs $16 in a 4-pound bucket. The manufacturer also sells the fertilizer in packages of several buckets to accommodate the growing needs of any size garden.

Remo Nutrients AstroFlower

Designed to supplement base products, Remo Nutrients AstroFlower is the perfect solution for flower-growing plants. With fossilized organics, this product aids flower development and increases the production of aromatic and essential oils. A company with a passion for growing, Remo Nutrients has helped thousands of people learn the secrets of growing with their products. In addition to their numerous awards, they are recommended by top hydroponics growers and acclimate their plants to their growing mediums.

As the name suggests, AstroFlower is a phosphors-potassium blend designed to promote flowering and increase yields. Other ingredients include humic and fulvic acids, which enhance plant growth and improve the uptake of minerals and nutrients. Moreover, the product contains natural amino acids that promote flower development, bud formation, and the production of essential oils. The fertilizer is designed to work well in both hydroponics and soilless gardening environments.

The Remo Nutrients AstroFlower is a complementary addition to your three-part fertilizer. Its formula is based on fossilized organics and is available in bottles of one to twenty liters. It costs approximately $16 per bottle and is designed for early flowering, but for finishing flowering, use Dry Kool Bloom instead. You can find a wide variety of products on the market, so you are sure to find one that fits your needs.

General Hydroponics Liquid Kool

One of the best ways to maximize the flowering potential of your plants is to use General Hydroponics Liquid KoalBloom. This special fertilizer contains phosphorus and other essential nutrients that stimulate flowering and fruiting. It promotes the production of essential oils and wonderful flavors in a wide variety of plants. It is a must-have for anyone growing indoor plants and is suitable for both soil and coco coir systems.

Both Liquid KoolBloom and Dry K-Bloom work to boost flower production by supplying key nutrients to the roots. Liquid KoolBloom is best for the early stages of the flowering process, while Dry K-Bloom targets later stages of the fruiting process. Combined, these two products maximize flower and fruit production. They also enhance the performance of all nutrients that are crucial for the growth of flowers and fruit.

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