Best Budget Riding Lawn Mower

A riding lawn mower is a powerful machine, but it can also be a pricey one. If you’re looking for a way to save money on your next riding lawn mower purchase, consider buying used. A used riding lawn mower has the same power as a new model and can save you hundreds of dollars when compared to buying new one. In addition, many used riding lawn mowers are still in great working condition and have years of life left in them.

There are plenty of great budget riding lawn mowers out there, but it can be hard to know which one is right for you. We’ve done the research so you don’t have to we’ve rounded up some of our favorite options in the chart below.

When it comes to buying a new lawn mower, there are many things you should consider before making the purchase. For example, how much is an adjustable seat worth? Do you really need onboard storage? Do you need cup holders and USB ports? Are you interested in features like cruise control or LED headlights? Whether you are looking for a budget or a high-end mower, here are some things to consider.

Best Budget Riding Lawn Mower

Troy-Bilt Bronco

The Briggs & Stratton Intek engine powers the Bronco 42, a dependable and easy-to-use riding lawn mower. Its foot pedal control offers smooth speed and direction adjustments. The height of the cutting deck is easily adjustable with simple controls and easy on/off access. A sturdy handle provides extra stability and comfort. Troy-Bilt has made sure to keep the Bronco easy to use.

The Troy-Bilt Bronco 42 is equipped with a 42-in steel deck and step-through frame for easy on/off access. The machine’s engine is a 540-cc Briggs & Stratton with AutoDrive transmission. It also features a step-through frame, rubber footpads, and an anti-scalp deck wheel.

The Troy-Bilt Bronco riding-lawn mower does not have a timer, so it is important to track the amount of time spent mowing each week. It is also important to change the oil every spring to maintain optimal performance and efficiency. Changing oil is important because the viscosity of oil can break down and cause the engine to overheat. It is important to allow 15 minutes of warm-up time before attempting this task.

Despite its lightweight, the Bronco is a powerful and efficient mower. Its rear-engine configuration evenly distributes weight across the drive wheels, making it easy to maneuver through walk-through gates. The rear engine also improves over typical walk-behind mowers. The Bronco’s 10.5-hp Briggs & Stratton engine powers its 30 inch 13-gauge steel deck and a mulching system.

The Bronco 42 is a great all-purpose riding lawn mower. With a Briggs & Stratton Intek engine, it provides dependability and easy starting. The foot pedal control offers smooth speed and direction adjustments. It is easy to get on and off, and the cutting height can be adjusted with ease. The Bronco 42 also comes with an optional mulch kit for composting.

RYOBI 38 in. 75 Ah Battery Electric Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower

The RYOBI 38 in. 75 Ah Battery Electric Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower has a 2-hour run time and comes with a 38-inch, two-blade deck. Its manual deck adjustment has 12 positions, and there are no belts or spark plugs to change. The battery is also rechargeable, and this lawn mower comes with a three-year limited warranty.

The battery life of this Ryobi lawn mower is impressive, and the Ryobi’s dual 19-inch blades are very durable. In addition, this mower is not gas-powered, so it has no gas engine to worry about. Winterization is also unnecessary, and the battery can be charged for up to six hours. This is an ideal mower for home use, especially if you don’t have a large yard or hilly area.

The Ryobi 38-inch battery-powered riding lawn mower is a lot more maneuverable than gas-powered models. It has adjustable springs to soften the ride. It also has a steering wheel, so turning corners is simple. However, its narrow turning radius is not ideal for larger yards. Despite the RYOBI’s low noise level, it earns solid marks for handling.

The Ryobi 38-inch 75-Ah Battery Electric Rear Engine Riding Lawnmower is relatively inexpensive. It costs just under $2,500. That’s about $1,000 or $1500 more than comparable rear-engine electric lawn mowers. But it is well worth the extra money if you don’t want to spend it on gas. The battery life of the Ryobi is also impressive.

Ariens Zenith 60 in. Zero-Turn Mower

This riding lawn mower is part of the Ariens zero-turn family. This machine packs plenty of commercial features for professionals. It features a powerful 23.5 hp Kawasaki FX engine with canister filtration. It also has a deluxe handlebar with adjustable height and a rear brake lever for easy operation. It’s equipped with commercial-grade features such as canister filtration.

The 152-inch cutting deck and large, tubular steel frame rails make this riding lawn mower an ideal choice for professional and heavy-duty use. Besides its impressive cutting capabilities, the Ariens Zenith 60 has other features that will make your job easier. It features a comfortable high-back seat with adjustable armrests and a smooth operator. Its powerful yet lightweight motor helps you mow your lawn quickly and efficiently.

The Ariens Zenith 60 in. Zero-Turn riding lawn mower comes with several features that will impress professionals and home users alike. Among these are a fully commercial tubular steel chassis, a 10-gauge cutting deck, and Ariens CBT system. The machine also has a front-wheel suspension and adjustable armrests. Its 8.5-mph ground speed allows for fast cutting.

Husqvarna 40 in. Titan 60

The Husqvarna Titan 60 is a large, powerful riding lawn mower with a 42-inch cutting deck. The engine has no choking or priming, and it has a 160cc Honda GCV engine. The engine is larger than the ones found on most other riding mowers, and it has a higher cubic centimeter capacity, which means it can burn more fuel. The mower also has a rear-wheel-drive system, which gives it excellent maneuverability. It can go as fast as 7 MPH when mowing and 5.5 MPH when towing. It is lightweight at just 770 pounds, and it is built to last a long time.

The Titan 60 also has a washout port. Its engine has a 3-year Guaranteed-to-start warranty, which should be more than enough to cover most lawn maintenance needs. The cutting deck is 21 inches, but it is one inch smaller than the Toro’s. Both mowers have nine cutting positions and are equipped with a bag or side discharge port. The Husqvarna Titan 60 also has an electric start and an automatic height adjustment feature.

The Toro Titan is the most environmentally friendly of the three options. It has the widest cutting deck of any other model, and its maximum speed is 8.5 mph. It also features a high-back seat and padded levers for comfort. It is an excellent budget-friendly choice for smaller yards. It can cover a lawn up to 7 acres and is able to handle rough terrain.

The Titan 60 is a powerful, durable riding lawn mower with a step-through front end for easy obstacle clearing. Its ride-on design provides comfort, as well as padded armrests and a comfortable seat. Battery-powered lawn mowers are becoming more affordable, and battery-powered versions can compete with gas-powered models. For instance, the Ego Power 42 in. Titan 60 riding lawn mower boasts a 22-horsepower brushless motor that can tackle two-acre yards.

Toro Titan 60

The Toro Titan 60 riding lawn mower is the perfect machine for homeowners who want a great mower at an affordable price. This mower features a 48-inch, 10 gauge steel fabricated deck, MyRide Suspension System, and the same technology found in commercial lines. The engine is a 24.5-horsepower Toro V-Twin engine. Its power comes from a belt drive system, which allows it to cut grass without stalling.

This Toro Titan 60 riding lawn mower features the same commercial line technology as their other models. It features a drop pin height-of-cut adjustment, canister style air filter, and rubber chute. It also features a commercial drop pin and wide tubular axle, huge front tires, and reinforced 10-gauge high-strength deck edge. It also comes with a four-year, 500-hour warranty.

The MyRide suspension system on the Toro Titan mower is similar to that in an air-cab on a semi truck. This system provides the rider with 3 inches of up-and-down travel and reduces side-to-side and pitch movement. Its MyRide settings are adjustable toolless, and the operator can customize the ride to their personal comfort level. This mower is a good choice for homeowners who want a high-performance riding lawn mower at an affordable price.

The Toro Titan 60 riding lawn mower is a solid choice for homeowners who want a high-performance machine that will keep up with their busy lifestyle. Its engine, a Kohler 7000 Series, has a cannister air cleaner and 26 HP gross (747 cc) at 3,600 RPM. Its 23-inch drive tires have aggressive treads. The Toro Titan 60 riding lawn mower is great for small yards and is an excellent buy for any homeowner who is looking to keep their yard in good shape.

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