Car travel crates for dogs are a great way to keep your dog safe during long car trips. They can make the trip much more enjoyable for both you and your dog, and they are especially helpful if you have an anxious or nervous dog who needs a little extra help feeling comfortable in their crate. The best car travel crates for dogs will be sturdy and easy to assemble, while also being easy enough to break down when you’re done using them.

The best car travel crates for dogs will also offer a variety of options for what type of vehicle they fit into. If you drive a small car that is not roomy enough for a large crate, then you may want to consider purchasing one with collapsible panels so that it can fold down more easily. If you drive a big SUV or truck, then there are many options available with larger doors that will allow you to get your pets in and out easily without having to lift them up over the top edge of the door every time (which can be difficult if they weigh more than 100 pounds).

Best Car Travel Crates For Dogs

When it comes to car travel crates for dogs, there are a few things you should look for. First of all, it is important to select one that is easy to open and close. If your pet is easily scared or anxious, you may want to look for a top-opening model. These crates have a top opening and a bottom door, so you can easily open them with one hand. Moreover, they have ample ventilation.


The Revol car travel crate for dogs is lightweight, folds flat, and can be rolled into tight spaces. The Revol crate is also safe for your dog, as it contains no sharp edges. It has a one-hand collapse mechanism, so your dog will be secure and comfortable.

The Revol is inspired by the baby industry, so the dog crate is made with premium materials. Ergonomics is also a priority. The crate comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large. Small-size crates are designed to accommodate dogs up to 30 pounds, while medium crates can hold up to 50 pounds.

The Revol car travel crate for dogs is made of high-grade aluminum and steel mesh wire. It features rounded, smooth doors that prevent paws from getting caught. It also has ergonomic handles and wheels. It can fold flat in seconds, so your dog can travel in style. A bonus is that it is completely escape-proof. The Revol is also easy to store.

Another feature that you will appreciate about the Revol car travel crate for dogs is its warranty. Its warranty covers defects due to faulty materials and workmanship for one year. However, the warranty period varies depending on your location. However, shipping costs are relatively high.

Midwest SUV crate

If you travel frequently with your dog, the Midwest SUV crate can be a great solution. This crate folds up for easy storage and can be entered from either the inside of the vehicle or the tailgate. The narrow width makes it easy to fit into almost any SUV. It is also similar in size to Midwest’s fold-and-carry crates. Folded, they’re just 2-3 inches tall.

The Midwest SUV crate is designed to fit in the back of mid-to-large SUVs. It measures 42″ long and 21″ wide when joined together. It features two doors for easy access, allowing you to board your dog from the passenger side when it’s clean or the tailgate when it’s dirty. This crate is great for dogs up to 90 pounds. It comes in two sizes and has a durable black epoxy finish.

Another option is a double-door dog crate. It is a folding design with two doors, one on either end. The narrow doors allow you to enter and exit the crate through the rear gate and the passenger compartment. A side door is also available. It is easy to fold and carry, and it is easy to move into and out of the vehicle.

The Midwest and Frisco crates have varying levels of security. The Frisco is light and easy to move, while the Midwest is a bit heavier and more secure. If you plan to transport your dog with you, the Midwest is a better choice.

Sleepypod Air fabric crate

If you’re looking for a new car travel crate for your pet, the Sleepypod Air fabric car travel crate is an airline-approved option. Stylish and safe, this carrier is perfect for long road trips and everyday travel. It can be yours in a matter of days.

Most airlines allow this travel crate to fit underneath the seat. Sleepypod Air is available on most major airlines, including Virgin America, Hawaiian Airlines, and United. In addition to meeting airline requirements, it is designed to fit underneath most airline seats. It also comes with an adjustable strap for attaching it to your car.

A few other benefits of the Sleepypod Air include its size versatility, which lets you customize the travel crate to fit the size of your airline seat. This unique design makes it easy to stow under airline seats when landing, and it can expand to accommodate your pet’s full range of motion while in the air. Its removable Ultra Plush bedding makes for a comfortable napping cave for your pet, and its mesh panels let plenty of air in.

MIM Variocage

The MIM Variocage car travel crates are designed to keep your dog safe and comfortable in your vehicle. They feature crash test certifications and have been developed by a Swedish ISO-9001 manufacturer. This means that they are strong enough to protect your dog from all sorts of collisions.

The MIM Variocage also features a protective escape hatch that allows you to remove your dog from the vehicle in case of a collision. The telescopic tubes and individual roof parts provide extra protection, especially in rear-end collisions. In addition, the ribbed rubber mat provides comfort and ease of cleaning.

This crate comes with a three-year warranty. You can use this warranty to get a replacement crate if you experience a malfunction. However, you must be sure to file your warranty claim in writing. You must also provide proof of purchase, including your original purchase receipt.

Another benefit of the Variocage car travel crate is that it prevents your dog from becoming a flying object during a collision. Because of its shatterproof construction, it protects your dog from being thrown from the vehicle. It also has a rear escape hatch. MIM Construction AB, a Swedish company, has developed over 350 crash-tested automotive safety products over the years. As such, they have a thorough knowledge of automobile safety, which helps them design the best products for pet owners.

The MIM Variocage car travel crates for dogs are designed to be durable and safe for your pup. They can withstand front, rear, and roll-over collisions, and reduce your dog’s chances of becoming a projectile. The crates can also be easily removed and folded flat for easy travel. They also feature a removable and machine-washable soft mat.

Pet Gear Carrier & Car Seat

The Pet Gear Carrier & Car Seat for Dogs is an easy-to-use system that secures your dog safely in the back seat. The seat has interior tethers and comfortable fleece lining. The carrier also has rear pouches for small items. It fits up to 20 pounds and features carry handles.

This innovative system is the simplest and safest way to transport your pet. Designed to convert into a booster seat in seconds, it includes a mesh window, push-button entry, interior tether, and a padded carry handle for easy carrying.

The Pet Gear Car Seat is made of high-quality Oxford fabric. It is layered with memory foam and supports durable support rods. Two long straps secure your dog to the seat, and it has breathable mesh sides to let your pup stay cool. It also comes with a ring to attach a harness.

A car seat and carrier for dogs are essential for pet safety. While both systems are important, you should remember that the type of car seat and carrier will depend on your dog’s size. If your dog is huge, it won’t fit comfortably in a carrier-style seat. Additionally, very large dogs will have a worse impact on the car than small dogs. You should also keep in mind that a harness is not the most suitable safety device for large dogs.


The 2PET Fold and Carry Dog Crate are lightweight, easy to carry, and durable, with a water-resistant 600D fabric cover and a sturdy steel tube frame. Its fold-flat design also makes it a versatile crate for use indoors. With shoulder straps and carrying handles, it’s easy to transport your dog and keep him safe.

These crates come with mesh panels and bone-shaped windows, providing the best natural ventilation. The windows allow air to flow through the kennel, which is especially important for dogs who are claustrophobic. This type of travel crate is also ideal for long road trips, which can be exhausting for a dog.

Another good choice is the 2PET Foldable Multifunctional Dog Crate, which is relatively inexpensive. However, it’s not as impact-resistant as its counterparts. The seat belt or shoulder belt is required to hold it in place, but it may move to the side if the vehicle is in an accident.

The 2PET Car Travel Crates for dogs are easy to transport and make your dog feel comfortable. The domed top is removable, and the interior is padded for comfort. The top is made of luggage-grade nylon and is lined with ultra-plush polyester. The crate has a padded shoulder strap for easy carrying.

Another good option is the 2PET Fold-A-Crate, which is inexpensive but sturdy. It can fit in the trunk or rear seat of your car and is easy to fold. It also features a mesh panel window for air circulation. It also has a top handle, which makes it easy to convert into a pet carrier. However, it’s important to know that this type of car travel crate cannot be used in the footwell or in the front seat of the car.

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