Belly mowers are usually attached to the front of an ATV or small tractor, and they allow you to easily cut through tall grasses and weeds without having to use your hands or a handheld tool. Belly mowers are generally made from strong steel that can withstand heavy loads and rough terrain, so they are ideal for farming purposes.

If you want to get a small tractor with a belly mower, you have a few options. Some of the options include a John Deere 1025R, a Massey Ferguson CS2220, or a Kubota BX. We’ll discuss their features and how they differ from one another. Ultimately, we’ll pick one that suits our needs best. But before we do, let’s look at the pros and cons of each.

John Deere 1025R

The John Deere 1025R compact tractor with belly mower has the versatility and features you need to take care of your land. The tractor comes with a backhoe, front blades, and rotary brooms. It also features a convenient open operator station and a ROPS frame that can be folded down for storage. Other features of the 1025R compact tractor with belly mower include a tilt steering wheel, color-coded controls, and dual-axle front-wheel drive. In addition to being a versatile machine, it can run numerous implements at once, including a backhoe and a rotary broom.

The new model comes with a host of user-friendly features, and the tractor is priced at $18,990 for the basic model. You can also choose between turf tires and industrial tires, which are perfect for general-purpose work. This tractor can handle rougher terrain with ease. It is available at participating John Deere dealers in the U.S.

Massey Ferguson CS2220

The Massey Ferguson CS2220 compact garden tractor has a high-quality steel design and construction and features an ergonomic driver platform. These compact tractors also feature total hydraulic flow, self-contained mechanical PTO, and ground-level fueling. They also feature hydraulic and mechanical transmissions with two gearbox options, including hydrostatic. The Massey Ferguson CS2220 compact tractor with belly mower is an excellent choice for homeowners, gardeners, and farmers looking for a compact tractors.

Aside from its high-quality design and efficient engine, the Massey Ferguson CS2220 features a 6-year warranty. Its price includes a belly mower, but you can purchase it separately for an additional cost. It is also capable of mowing small areas, including wood piles and lawns. Whether you want to mow your lawn regularly or do a wide variety of yard chores, this tractor is a great back saver.

The Massey Ferguson CT1025 subcompact tractor is easy to operate. Its compact design allows it to do multiple tasks efficiently. Its hydrostatic transmission and limited Category 1 three-point hitch make it ideal for completing light-duty jobs and mowing small acreages. This model also features a 120R Quik-Park loader and a standard four-wheel drive.

Kubota BX

The Kubota BX compact tractor series is a versatile line of sub-compact tractors designed for homeowners who need to keep their properties looking great. The BX line of tractors is rated #1 for reliability and features a powerful diesel engine. It is equipped with a variety of performance-matched attachments to tackle a variety of jobs. You can choose from four affordable models that range from 16.6 to 24.8 HP. All models come equipped with Land Pride implements, including the belly mower.

One of the Kubota BX tractor’s key features is its deluxe seat, which is fully adjustable and features a high-back reclining design. The armrests are also adjustable. The instrument panel is easy to read and offers helpful indicators for the various functions of the tractor. It features a large tachometer with a convenient orange indicator for optimum rpm range during backhoe/loader work.

Case IH CS2220

In the subcompact category, Case IH has introduced the Premium CS2220 compact tractor with belly mower. This machine is powered by a Kioti 21 HP diesel engine and features a high-quality steel bonnet. Other features include a telescoping driver platform, an ergonomic driver seat, an electro-hydraulic power take-off and a rear differential lock. This tractor also includes a 6-year warranty and an unlimited hours’ worth of service.

A compact tractor with backhoe is essential for landscaping projects and construction sites. Before you buy a compact tractor with backhoe, check out the features and benefits of the machine. Popular models of compact tractors with backhoes include Massey Ferguson GC1725M and Case IH CS2220. For added versatility, you can also consider the Kubota BX Series and Kubota B26 TLB. They are known for their high-quality performance and dependability.

This machine is also great for small farms and landscaping. Its hydrostatic transmission and two-range hydraulics make it perfect for small-scale landscaping projects and weed control. It also features a built-in toolbox. Its versatility is enhanced by the optional belly mower and hydraulic power. Its low and high-end features are perfect for all-around use. Its low-end version can pull trees and haul wood.

New Holland WORKMASTER 25S

Despite its compact size, the New Holland WORKMASTER 25S compact garden tractor is built to be a powerful workhorse for small farms. Its heavy-duty cast-iron rear axle provides superior pulling power, while its differential lock pedal provides extra traction. The WORKMASTER combines the most advanced technology and innovation to create a tractor that can do the job on any farm.

The WORKMASTER 25S is equipped with a three-cylinder, natural-aspiration diesel engine with a displacement of 1.26 liters. The engine delivers plenty of power and fuel economy, and its large 6.6-gallon fuel tank is easy to fill. It also features a low-lift design, which allows for convenient fuel filling. It also features a wide platform for easy access to controls.

The WORKMASTER 25S’s engine features a YANMAR engine, which is one of the best-known small-engine manufacturers. At 25 horsepower, the Workmaster 25s is on the high-end of the small tractor market. However, with the increased power and improved maneuverability, the tractor is a great buy for homeowners and small businesses alike. Its high-quality engines are built to last for years.

Cub Cadet SX3100

The Cub Cadet SX3100 compact, diesel tractor with a curved boom backhoe and loader is a great choice for routine maintenance, light construction, and other uses. Its standard selective control joystick and ergonomic controls provide a comfortable ride while operating. A durable cab and high-back seat make this tractor a comfortable choice for operators. Its powerful 31-horsepower Yanmar direct-injection diesel engine makes it a great choice for both light construction work and routine maintenance.

The SX3100 compact tractor with a belly mower features a powerful, diesel engine and a standard 7.1-gallon fuel tank to reduce fuel usage. It can travel up to 15 miles per hour in forwarding and 5 miles per hour in reverse. Its curved boom backhoe and loader are designed for easy installation and removal. The tractor is easy to maneuver, and the telescopic forks and lifts are easy to reach.

Yanmar, a Japanese company, first made complete tractors for the Japanese market. Their machines gained a loyal following and continued to make tractors for farmers all over the world. In 1979, Yanmar began marketing its compact tractors in North America, where it continued to compete with more popular brands. In the mid-2000s, Yanmar and MTD formed a joint venture to market their products in North America.

Mahindra sub-compact tractors

If you’re looking for a sub-compact tractor with a belly mower, consider the Mahindra range. These tractors are a good choice for light-duty jobs, as they strike a nice balance between size and performance. Their high horsepower ranges from 37.4 to 70 HP, as well as their high lift capacity makes them ideal for working in tight spaces. They also offer 360-degree visibility and an easy-to-use glass cab with easy-to-read gauges.

Sub-compact tractors by Mahindra offer a variety of useful features. Many models have larger tires to help prevent damage to the turf during wet applications. Many sub-compact tractors feature an optional deluxe cab, heater, and windshield wipers, which will improve operator comfort while working. For those who do not have time to visit a mechanic, some models also come with a backrest for the operator.

If you want a belly mower, the Mahindra BX2380 has a convenient two-step ladder. In contrast, the Mahindra EMAX25’s hood can’t be removed easily. The user has to remove body panels before he can remove the front-end loader. Mahindra’s cab also requires removing body panels, which may require special tools.

Kubota LA213 front loader

If you’re looking for a compact tractor with a belly mower and a high horsepower motor, consider the Kubota LA213 front loader. This versatile machine is designed with efficiency in mind. It has a category one rear linkage and an optional mid-PTO for the mower deck. Among other features, this machine can dig ditches, haul dirt, and perform a variety of other tasks.

The B1 series is a well-known model in the Kubota range. This machine is capable of light construction, landscaping, and lawn care tasks. The Kubota LA213 compact tractor comes with a front-loading belly mower and is available with a Category 1 rear-linkage. The machine has a wide field of vision and a cab that can be purchased separately from the tractor. It is equipped with Goodyear R14T hybrid-tread tires and spool valves.

The LA213 is easy to maintain. Its bonnet lifts off, revealing all-around access to the engine. This tractor has wide open access, a comfortable seat, and an adjustable steering wheel. Its rear-screen wiper is heated, and the tractor comes with independent electro-hydraulic power take-off. These new models are an evolution of the popular CX2510 tractor.

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