This crate is great for growing puppies. It can be used for larger dogs as well, but it’s especially useful for puppies because it allows them to grow into the crate as they get bigger. The crate has a divider so you can adjust the size of the space inside according to your dog’s needs. This is a great feature because as your puppy grows, it’ll have room to stretch out and feel comfortable.

Another great thing about this crate is that it has a wire door on top that allows you to see your puppy without letting it out of its cage. This way, if you need to put them in the crate for any reason, like when you’re going away for the weekend, you can still keep an eye on them without having to worry about them getting out and causing trouble around the house.

Best Crate For Growing Puppy

If you’re planning to get a crate for your growing puppy, there are many options to choose from. These include the Diggs Revol, Petmate’s EcoFLEX, and MidWest Homes for Pets’ iCrate. But which one is best?

Diggs Revol

The Diggs Revol crate is a great choice for growing puppies. It has a comfortable pull-out handle and two attached wheels for easy transport. It also won’t scratch your furniture or walls. The Revol is lightweight, making it easy to store in a car trunk.

Unlike other crate options, the Diggs Revol crate is collapsible and is made from sturdy aluminum and steel mesh wire. It’s also easy to clean with its divider and removable tray. It’s also aesthetically pleasing, making it an ideal choice for growing puppies.

Another advantage of the Diggs Revol is that it pairs well with the Diggs Revol Training Aid. This pacifier-like tool is covered in peanut butter and is fitted into the side of the crate. This pacifier helps your puppy recognize the crate as his or her safe, familiar space.

Another feature that sets the Revol apart from other crates is its sleek, rounded design. It comes in four neutral colors and has a diamond-shaped wire pattern that prevents teeth and paws from getting caught. This means it’s safe even for your growing puppy.

When it comes to training your puppy, this crate is designed to help him become a well-behaved dog. It comes equipped with everything your puppy needs to feel comfortable. It has a divider and a side door that makes it easier to potty train your puppy.

Besides being sturdy and secure, the Diggs Revol crate has five adjustable dividers that grow with your growing puppy. It’s recommended for puppies that weigh between 10 and 20 pounds. If your puppy grows out of it, you can always buy a bigger one.

Another great choice for a growing puppy is the Frisco Travel Dog Crate. It has adjustable handles and double doors. It’s easy to collapse and carry and has a divider panel for smaller pups. It’s a solid choice for traveling and bringing your puppy home.

This high-quality crate is lightweight but sturdy. It comes with wheels and a carrying handle so you can transport it with ease. The crate comes with a removable tray to make cleaning easy. You can also add a washable bed for your puppy.

Petmate’s EcoFLEX

One of the most convenient ways to provide roomy space for your growing puppy is to purchase a Petmate EcoFLEX crate. This innovative crate is available in a variety of sizes and colors, including espresso and mahogany. You can also choose from two different materials: environmentally-friendly rubberwood or waterproof melamine-covered MDF. Both materials are safe for your pet and are completely non-toxic.

This double-door dog crate comes with a leak-proof plastic tray, and it is easy to assemble and disassemble. It also has a handle for easy transport. It comes with all of the necessary hardware and requires only 3 to 5 minutes of assembly.

This versatile crate can easily transform into a gate when your puppy isn’t inside. It also has a solid wood veneer top that will complement the decor of any home. It can easily close off doorways, open spaces, and hallways. A plastic tray comes with the EcoFLEX crate to protect the floors.

This adjustable crate can fit many different sizes of dogs. You can select the one that is ideal for your puppy. The smaller sizes are best suited for small dogs, while the largest crates are designed to accommodate up to 40 pounds. There are also options for a removable divider and extra top panels. These crates also have a sliding wire door for easy access and letting out.

The size of the EcoFLEX crate is flexible enough for a growing puppy or a full-sized husky. The crates come with an adjustable locking system with five points of precision. The double doors can also be adjusted to suit different layouts. The removable tray also makes cleaning simple.

A growing puppy may need more room as he grows older. A crate with adjustable divider panels is a great choice, as you can change the size of the crate to fit your growing puppy. The size of the crate is critical to your puppy’s health and safety, and a crate that is too small can cause accidents or cause your puppy to spend time standing up instead of lying down.

Another great option for crates is the Petmate Sky Kennel. This crate comes in five sizes. A twenty-four-inch version is great for smaller dogs, while a forty-eight-inch model is ideal for larger breeds. The crate is easy to store and comes with a washable pan. Aside from that, it’s portable and foldable, making it easy to travel with your growing puppy.

MidWest Homes for Pets’ iCrate

MidWest Homes for Pets’ icrate for growing puppies offers a variety of features that are essential for a growing puppy. Its polyester/cotton fabric and insulated design will keep your puppy comfortable, and its ABS pan will keep messes contained. MidWest is a company with a reputation for high-quality products.

The iCrate is a convenient way to house your growing puppy without spending a fortune on a traditional crate. Designed to accommodate puppies and dogs from six to 110 pounds, the iCrate can grow with your pet. It comes in six sizes from twenty-two to thirty-four inches long. The iCrate can also be easily set up in a matter of minutes and folded down for storage. MidWest’s iCrates also come with a one-year limited warranty to protect against damage. MidWest also offers excellent customer service, so you can be confident that you’ll have a great experience with this product.

The iCrate is sturdy and rust-resistant and is lightweight enough to carry with you. Its easy-grip handles make it easy to carry around. It is also easy to clean. Its design allows you to easily wipe it down with a soft cloth and is odor-resistant.

The Midwest Homes iCrate for growing puppies is one of the best puppy crates on the market today. It offers many of the same features of a traditional crate but is made of lightweight steel and mesh. It has a single or double-door design and comes with a tray and optional divider panel. It is an Amazon best-seller and comes in different sizes.

Petmate’s Petmate

This soft-sided, three-door crate is available in several sizes and colors. Its top and front openings make it easy to clean and maintain. One drawback is that the door doesn’t close well, which makes it harder to store and transport the crate in tight spaces. However, the crate is easily expandable to fit various-sized dogs. It also has plenty of ventilation.

The Petmate crate measures approximately 24 inches long by 15 inches high and is suitable for a growing puppy weighing between 10 to 20 pounds. However, it lacks a divider, which means it will not grow with your puppy. Therefore, it’s best to purchase a crate that fits your puppy’s current size and upgrade when it’s time.

The Petmate Vari-Kennel is one of the most popular dog crates on the market. It comes in many sizes and colors and has a durable construction that can handle chewing and gnawing. This crate is also lightweight and easily transportable.

The materials used to make dog crates are also important. Metal crates are typically stronger and more durable than plastic crates. They will also allow more airflow than plastic crates. They’re also easier to clean, and they can fold for easy storage or transport.

The premium-grade Petmate crate is made with commercial-grade steel. It features a three-quarter-inch frame and half-inch steel tubes. The crate’s convenient two-door design is a good option for crate training your pup. The heavy-duty fabric covering the steel frame provides extra strength and durability.

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