Best Cream Separator For Goat Milk

Best Cream Separator For Goat Milk: It’s one hard-cold morning of winter. Suddenly you thought of treating yourself with a glass of warm milk, the way you like at-free. But right after pouring it in your mouth, you had to spit it out right there. Damn! This milk ain’t fat-free! Characteristics of the separator for household milk Motor Sich 100-18 (metal) – The amount of milk processed is 100 liters per hour – The milk temperature should be within the range of 35-40 degrees – The capacity of the bowl of the receiver’s milk is 12 liters – The number of plates in the drum is adjustable – 10 – 12 pieces – The content of fat in the reverse is -0.05 percent – It is powered by 220 volts 50 Hz – Engine power – 60 watts – Power consumption – 0,12 kW per hour dimensions – diameter of the bowl – 36 centimeters – height – 52 centimeters – Weight – 6 kg. – Continuous operation mode – 1 hour

1. Milk model 100-18 Cream Milk Separato

2. 1000 Melochey 100-80

3. SlavicBeauty Cream Separator

4. Penzmesh Cream Separator

5. Motor Sich Milk Cream Separator


  • The ideal machine on the farm: The jug can hold 3 gallons of milk at a time. Using this milk separator can separate 21 gallons of milk in one hour. It is a must-have for cows, goats, sheep and horse farms.
  • 2. Complete separation: The machine’s speed is up to 9000-10000 rpm, through high-speed rotation, the milk and ghee are completely separated. Before the milk is separated, the milk needs to be heated to about 40 degrees Fahrenheit, so that the separation effect will be optimal.
  • 3.Concentration adjustment: When using a milk centrifuge, you can adjust the consistency of the cream. Use a wrench to adjust the knob to make the cream reach your ideal concentration.
  • 4.Two models: We have two types of milk centrifuges, which can process 13gallons and 21gallons of milk in one hour. The machine can work continuously for 3 hours, so that your fresh milk can be processed quickly.
  • 5. English manual: We have a detailed English manual to teach you how to install and use the machine. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.


Part Number‎Xia-140
Item Weight‎16.11 pounds
Package Dimensions‎15.28 x 15.2 x 11.34 inches
Batteries Included?‎No
Batteries Required?‎No


$30,000.00 – $439.98

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