The Dog Crate For Discovery Sport is the perfect place for your dog to sleep, rest and play in the back of your car. This dog crate can be installed in less than 3 minutes and it is made from high-quality materials that ensure maximum safety for your pet.

The Dog Crate For Discovery Sport is equipped with a safety harness that keeps the dog in place while driving. The door has been designed to close automatically after opening, which ensures that there will be no accidents on the road. It also comes with a removable mat that makes cleaning easy and fast.

When you’re looking for a dog crate for your Land Rover Discovery Sport, it’s best to choose a safe and stylish travel crate with a high level of protection. The VarioCage dog crate by Kleinmetall features a crash-tested crumple zone and is crash-tested for frontal and rear-end collisions. It also has a two-step locking system and a gas-spring-held door that opens quickly and securely.

Kleinmetall VarioCage

The VarioCage is a premium travel cage for dogs. It features a crumple zone for added protection from accidents. It’s also crash-tested for frontal and rear-end collisions and dropped objects. It has a two-step lock for added security. The door opens and closes quickly, and a gas spring holds it open. It is available in multiple sizes for a wide variety of vehicles.

This crash test-certified dog crate is available in 18 sizes, ensuring the safest possible travel for your dog. It also features a built-in key lock and a unique escape hatch. This means that in case of an accident, you can quickly remove your dog from the car and save it from injury. In addition to crash testing, this dog crate is also adjustable, ensuring a comfortable ride for your dog.

The VarioCage is certified by MIM Safe to meet or exceed crash test safety standards. It is also available in 4 adjustable models and 14 sizes. For maximum safety, you can purchase a dog crate that is designed to fit your vehicle’s roof and cargo space.

Pet World

If you own a Discovery Sport SUV, the right dog crate can make your journey a lot easier. The car’s cargo area is designed for dogs and offers several accessories to make it more comfortable for your pooch. These include quilted floor liners and luggage partitions, which prevent your dog from jumping into the passenger cabin. Additionally, you can get a portable shower that keeps your dog clean and dry while you’re traveling.

If you’re looking for a travel crate, a folding dog crate may be a perfect choice. These travel cages have been crash-tested and are made of durable material. They also have a crumple zone to absorb the force of a frontal or rear-end collision. Another great feature is that they’re easy to open and close, thanks to their gas-spring door.

Land Rover Pet Packs

For owners of the Discovery Sport, Land Rover has introduced a line of premium Pet Packs, designed to accommodate your pet’s travel needs. These packs include a full-height partition and a quilted load space liner that protects your vehicle’s surfaces from paw prints. The packs are currently available for the Discovery Sport, Range Rover, and Velar.

The top-spec package includes a built-in pet rinse system that holds up to 6.5 liters of water and delivers five minutes of continuous flow. The pet pack is available for all Land Rover models, but you can also buy individual items separately. There are also a number of dog-specific items that can be purchased separately.

The Pet Packs start at PS360 and go up to PS887, and they are most effective when purchased as a package. These products guarantee maximum comfort and convenience for your pet and less mess in the car. Each Pack includes a foldable pet carrier, spill-resistant water bowl, quilted load space liner, foldable ramp, and portable shower.

The Pet Load Space Protection Pack is made of a quilted load space liner with an integral rubber mat. It is designed to keep your pet dry and clean. If you’re traveling with a large pet, the Pet Load Space Protection Pack will help protect your vehicle’s interior from the dog’s paw prints and mud.

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