A dog crate is a box-like structure that can be used to confine a pet in a home or other area. These cages are typically made out of plastic or metal and are designed to prevent your pup from escaping by creating an enclosed space that they cannot get out of. There are many different types of dog crates, including ones with doors on top or sides (some even have both options). Some crates have doors that slide open while others have doors that swing outward as regular doors do, but they all serve the same purpose: keeping your dog safe while letting them have some freedom at the same time.

Dog crates are a great way to keep your canine companion safe while they’re at home alone or when you need to leave your house for an extended period of time. But if your dog has already managed to escape from the crate you currently own, then it’s time to invest in something that will stand up to their digging and chewing.

Best Dog Crate For Dogs That Escape

When looking for a dog crate for an escape-prone dog, there are several factors to consider. You must make sure the crate is sturdy and durable and also folds easily. In addition, it should have wheels and a removable pan. Ultimately, it should be durable enough to last a lifetime.

Heavy-duty metal crate

One of the best ways to prevent your dog from escaping is to buy a heavy-duty metal crate. These crates have thicker walls and metal connectors that are harder for your dog to chew through. These crates are also more secure than flimsy plastic crates. While plastic crates are often the most convenient when traveling, they can also be dangerous for your dog. The sharp metal on these crates could cut your pup’s skin.

Another great feature of heavy-duty metal crates for dogs that escape is that they fold up for easy storage. This type of crate also comes with double-locked doors. This feature is extremely helpful for preventing your dog from escaping, as they are unlikely to be able to open the crate and get out of it without a key.

Another way to keep your dog from escaping is to reinforce the crate with metal hardware. While it may seem like overkill, this type of hardware will help to reinforce the seams. In addition to securing the seams with metal hardware, you can use duct tape, rope, and zip ties to reinforce the crate. You can also add toys to distract your dog while it’s in its crate. However, make sure to select toys that are safe for your dog to play with unattended.

The Pet Gear Heavy-Duty Metal Crate is a good choice if your dog has a habit of escaping. This sturdy crate can stand up to a large dog and is very easy to assemble. The crate comes with all tools you need for assembly. Assembly can take between three and five minutes. Another great thing about this product is that it comes with a 30-day returns policy. It also comes with a one-year warranty for parts.

Steel frame

There are many types of dog crates, but the most secure ones are made of steel. These crates are made with solid walls, which are tougher than wire or tubular steel walls. Even the best escape artists won’t be able to tunnel through solid walls. Other features of a good dog crate include a removable pan for mess-free cleaning and wheels for easy mobility.

These crates are made of high-grade steel, so they will withstand even the most high-strung dogs. These cages should be close-fitting, with no gaps for a dog’s snout to squeeze through. The door must also be secured and covered from the inside. Some dogs will chew on the cage, especially young dogs. But even the toughest cages can’t stop a determined pup.

The key to preventing your dog from escaping is making sure they are engaged. Providing them with toys is another great way to keep them occupied. But make sure you choose toys that are safe for them to play with. If they are bored, they may try to escape.

A dog cage with a deadbolt lock is the best option for preventing your dog from escaping. The deadbolt locks are not easy to break, and they are designed with safety in mind. These cages are heavy, so you need to make sure you have someone helping you.

Removable pan

Adding a removable pan to a dog crate will help keep your dog contained. A removable pan will also make cleaning up accidents much easier. A dog that is prone to escaping might need a more specialized type of dog crate. For this purpose, you can use a metal crate that has walls that are solid enough to prevent escape attempts.

One type of crate is known as the Ultra Vari. It comes with a single door and narrow windows. If your dog is a curious breed, this can pose a problem. Moreover, this type of crate doesn’t have an escape door.

Another type of crate has an extra deep floor pan and double latches on the doors to prevent your dog from escaping. Moreover, you can add a carry handle to make it easier for you to carry it. It is available in different sizes and colors.

Another type of crate has casters to help you move it around. It comes with a floor grate and removable pan for easy cleaning. These are durable crates that are sturdy and easy to use. They are designed to outlast most dogs.


If you’re traveling with your dog, wheels in a dog crate can make relocating him or her much easier. There are several different kinds of wheels available for use in a dog crate. Some of them are adjustable, while others simply lock in place.

A popular brand of detachable wheels is Zinger. These wheels can be removed or attached to your crate. These wheels are very inexpensive and can make moving your pet a lot easier. Adding wheels to your dog’s crate can save you from having to carry your dog over uneven surfaces and bumping his or her head.

Wheels in a dog crate are ideal for moving large, heavy dogs from one room to another. You can easily clean underneath the wheels and keep your dog from escaping. Wheels also minimize the strain of moving the crate and lessen the risk of damage or accidents.

A heavy-duty metal dog crate with wheels is an excellent choice for a big dog. It features four 360-degree caster wheels, two of which are lockable. This type of dog crate is made for the heaviest dogs and features an extra-strong steel frame. It is also very easy to clean, thanks to its removable plastic tray.

Y-pattern design

Dog crates with a Y-pattern design have welded steel bars that are not easily chewed by the dog, which significantly reduces the likelihood of escape. These crates also come with dividers, which can be useful for puppies and grown-up dogs. This allows you to adjust the size of the crate to accommodate your growing pup.

Heavy-duty metal dog crates come in different sizes, so you need to decide the right size according to the breed of your dog. If you plan to travel with your pet, you can purchase a medium-sized metal dog crate. However, before purchasing a medium-sized crate, consider the safety issues and the needs of your dog. Consider how old your dog is and whether he has any behavior problems.

When purchasing a dog crate, make sure to choose one that has thicker steel bars and metal connectors. A crate with thin wires or plastic parts may be easily chewed by a dog with free time. A heavy-duty crate is also better if your dog is a chewer. A heavy-duty crate is an excellent choice for those with aggressive behavior or dogs that need to be confined.

Before you put your dog in a crate, make sure to remove the collar and tags. The collar and tags can become caught in the latches, hinges, and other wires on a crate.


If you have a dog that escapes locks, it’s essential to purchase a crate that has a sturdy lock. Your dog may be anxious or just plain bored, but a crate can help you prevent this problem. You can even reinforce the locks with safety buckles, which are useful to prevent your dog from opening them on its own.

The best crate for dogs that escape locks is heavy-duty and made from a durable material such as steel, hard plastic, or reinforced wire. It should also come with locks and sturdy hardware. If you’re using your crate inside the house, it’s best to purchase a crash-tested model made from steel. It’s also best to choose a crate with dual locks. These will prevent your dog from escaping when you’re not around.

The best escape-proof dog crates are also easy to store and can be stacked. Moreover, they’re very durable and ideal for long-term use. Aside from preventing your dog from escaping, these crates can also be used indoors and outdoors.

Aside from being sturdy and durable, a dog crate should also be easy to clean. You shouldn’t use wire or mesh crates for this purpose, since they’ll be prone to chewing and damage. Instead, go for a crate made of heavier metals such as steel or aluminum. Never use a plastic crate, as plastic can be easily cut through and destroyed.

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