The dog crate is one of the most important things you can buy for your German Shepherd. It is a safe place that your dog can go to when they need to be alone, or when you are not able to supervise them. The crate should be large enough for your dog to stand up and turn around, but not so large that they have too much room to pace or get anxious. If you have multiple dogs, it is also important that each crate has its own door so that there is no competition over who gets in first.

There are many different types of crates available on the market today, but most of them follow the same basic design principles: a metal frame with plastic panels attached on all sides except for the top and bottom. Some people choose canvas fabric instead of plastic because it’s more durable and easier to clean (but not waterproof). You’ll also want a removable pan or tray underneath the crate so that you can easily clean up accidents without having to take everything apart.

A dog crate is an important piece of dog equipment, and a good one will do more than just limit your dog’s space. It will prevent accidents, too, especially during downtime. However, when choosing a crate, it’s important to know exactly what you’ll use it for.


Investing in a durable dog crate for your German shepherd puppy is a great way to make sure your pet’s safety is never in danger. The Pet Gear Bed crate comes with a built-in handle, wheels, and a free storage bag. Its insulated base is also a plus, preventing cracks in cold weather. However, you should be careful about the latches, as they may easily come undone. It is also important to note that this crate is meant for medium-sized German shepherd puppies, up to 90 pounds. The Pet Gear Bed crate is suitable for German Shepherd puppies and medium-sized dogs, but it is not recommended for travel. Nevertheless, it is an ideal choice for people who are looking to crate-train their German Shepherd puppy.

Made of durable materials, the 48-inch German shepherd puppy crate comes with a free divider panel, four sturdy wheels, and a handle for easy movement. The crate also features a side-bolt latch for added security and a folding handle for easy storage. The crate also features a divider panel, which means you can easily adjust the size of the crate as your dog grows.

Moreover, German shepherds are large and strong dogs, so a durable dog crate is necessary. The crate is constructed of thick steel bars with an enamel coating that resists rust and corrosion. The metal frame is also easy to clean and comes with removable plastic trays for easy cleaning. In addition, 360-degree locking caters help prevent soil from escaping from the crate.

Using a durable dog crate is essential if you plan to use your German shepherd puppy for extended periods of time. These dogs will not need to go outside often, but you will want to make sure they can tolerate being in their crate for a few hours at a time.

Easy to assemble

When choosing a dog crate, you should choose a durable, easy-to-assemble model. Ideally, you should opt for a steel model for maximum durability and maximum strength. Steel is the best material for crates because it can withstand hard kicks. In addition, a crate should be portable for easy transportation and storage, especially if you often take your dog for travel. Choosing a model with wheels is an added bonus.

German Shepherds are large, powerful dogs, which is why they need a sturdy dog crate. The steel bars used in German Shepherd crates are covered with a non-corrosive coating to prevent them from rusting. However, you may need to re-enamel the cage once in a while, which you can do at any hardware store with spray-on enamel.

Another consideration when choosing a dog crate is the size. A German Shepherd puppy needs a crate with enough room to turn around and stand. If you are not sure, measure your dog’s nose to the base of its tail and add two or four inches for growth. Most large crates come with removable dividers, which can be moved to add more room as your puppy grows.

A crate can be a very useful tool for housebreaking a German Shepherd puppy. While the crate may be a small space, it will be sufficient for sleeping. German Shepherds are natural den animals, and a crate will be a great way to make the transition easier for your new puppy.

In addition to the size of the crate, you should consider the weight of your German Shepherd puppy. German Shepherds weigh anywhere from fifty to ninety pounds. It is important to buy the correct size for your German Shepherd puppy to avoid possible problems in the future.

Easy to clean

German Shepherds can have accidents inside their dog crates and need easy-to-clean crates. Using paper towels or cloth towels is a good way to clean the crate. Be sure to rinse the crate after each cleaning and dry it thoroughly before replacing it. Then, make sure the crate is ventilated.

German Shepherds are intelligent and are likely to learn to housebreak very quickly. However, their crates are still a good place for them to sleep. The ideal location for a crate is a room that is draft-free and a quiet place for sleeping at night. When choosing a location, consider the amount of room needed for opening and closing the door. You may also want to add a mat to prevent messes from occurring inside the crate.

A good dog crate should have a removable cover and a mat for the floor. It also has hinges so you can easily remove and clean the removable cover without removing the entire crate. You can also add heating or cooling pads for a cold climate.

Another consideration when choosing a crate is its size. German shepherds are large dogs and should have a crate large enough to accommodate their size. They will grow to about 22 to 26 inches at the shoulder. Therefore, they will need a crate that is 42 inches long or even bigger.

A good metal wireframe dog crate is an excellent choice. It will provide your German Shepherd puppy with the best protection from accidents while in its crate and will accommodate crate mats. In addition to being easy to clean, it is also durable and sturdy.


Once your German shepherd puppy is fully grown, you will need to buy an extra-large dog crate. Although your puppy will still fit in a small crate, he will need a larger one as he grows older. To determine the correct size, measure your dog’s length from nose to tip of the tail and add two to four inches to his total length. This will give him ample room to stretch out or sleep in the crate. You’ll also want to place the crate in an accessible area that isn’t in the way. Also, avoid moving the crate too often, as it may disturb your puppy’s privacy.

The ideal size for a German shepherd puppy is at least 2x the height of the dog’s shoulder. Then, take into account his thick tail, which can add a lot of space to a crate. To find a crate that fits him the most comfortably, use a soft tape measure that won’t irritate your dog. The width of the crate should be at least twice the width of the dog’s shoulder.

You can find extra-large dog crates with a variety of features, including a divider. Most of these crates are collapsible and can be transported easily. They are very secure and easy to clean. They also come with the tools to put it together.

You can buy a large dog crate for a German shepherd puppy if you have limited space. Moreover, it has a side door that allows you to load and unload the German shepherd with ease. Additionally, this crate comes with a puppy divider panel that is useful if you plan on potty training your German shepherd puppy.

Easy to transport

Getting an easy-to-transport dog crate for your German shepherd puppy is an excellent way to protect your puppy. There are several different types of dog crates, and you’ll want to consider the material and size of your crate. Some are made from plastic, while others are made from metal. Depending on your budget and your dog’s personality, you might want to go for one that is made of metal.

If you’re going on an extended trip, you might want to consider a wire or plastic crate that comes with removable plastic trays and is easy to clean. These crates are also usually easy to store and collapsible, so you can take them with you wherever you go. Another option is a plastic Shepherd crate, though you’ll want to make sure it’s large enough for your dog. Regardless of which type you choose, remember that you want something sturdy, well-made, and convenient to carry.

Easy-to-transport dog crates are very convenient for travel, and the German Shepherd breed can fit in easily in the crate. These crates feature locking wheels and a removable plastic tray for easy cleaning. Unlike some plastic crates, wire crates can be assembled easily without tools and are easy to transport. They can also fit into tight spaces.

The MidWest LifeStages crate folds flat, and the MidWest Exercise Pen fits easily against it. It also includes a divider panel so that you can adjust the length of the living area as your puppy grows. This crate also features rounded corners to prevent your pup from getting injured accidentally.

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