The German shepherd is an excellent choice as a guard dog, and it is also a very intelligent breed. These dogs are excellent companions and will become very attached to their owners. If you are considering getting a German shepherd as a pet, then you should know how big they can get.

The average height for this breed is 24 inches, but some males can grow up to 27 inches tall. The average weight for this breed is between 90 and 120 pounds, but some males can weigh up to 140 pounds or more. This breed has a long coat that needs to be brushed regularly so that it does not mat up too badly. If you do not want your dog’s coat to mess up your furniture then you should consider getting them a crate made specifically for this type of dog.

There are many different types of crates out there for dogs, but most people don’t realize that there are also special crates made just for German shepherds so that they can have their own space where they feel safe and secure when left alone at home while their owners are away from home.

Best Dog Crate For German Shepherd

A dog crate is a wonderful addition to your home. It can provide your dog with a private space to sleep or play and will also give you peace of mind of knowing that you’ve set limits within your home. Crate training your German Shepherd will also help your dog learn proper behavior and keep him safe in case of an emergency. However, not all crates are right for your German Shepherd. Before buying a crate for your German Shepherd, it’s important to choose the right one.


A German shepherd puppy or adult will benefit from having a crate with a divider. The dog crate should be made of sturdy materials and have a divider to prevent your puppy from tearing up the interior. The crate should also be sturdy and portable. There are many wire crates available that can fold for storage and easy transportation. They are also highly secure and come with a divider that can be customized to meet your dog’s needs.

A German shepherd crate with a divider will give your pup enough room to stretch out. The divider will prevent the puppy from feeling trapped in one corner of the crate, and will also help your puppy relieve himself in a more private area. A crate with dividers is better for small and young German shepherd puppies, as they do not have the ability to use the bathroom in the same place as their older siblings.

Another type of roomy dog crate for German shepherds is a wooden furniture crate. These are usually made of natural wood, or sometimes rattan. These crates are great for German Shepherds, as they can be both a sleeping space and a place for scratching.

This crate has a smoky gray finish that goes well with light and dark colors in your home. Its cover is machine washable. It also has a 1-year warranty. However, its bed is not of the highest quality and could be chewed by a puppy. Moreover, its door is not strong enough to accommodate a strong dog.

A German shepherd is a large dog breed. A typical adult weighs about 70 pounds and stands 22-26 inches high. The size of a German shepherd crate should be 42 inches long and 30 inches high to accommodate the size of the German shepherd. Moreover, it should be large enough to provide enough room for your pet to turn around, sit upright, stretch its paws, and do other essential tasks.

German Shepherds are active and need a more sturdy crate than most other breeds. Moreover, German Shepherds have high energy levels and can get destructive without an outlet. Buying the right crate for your German shepherd is important as you will be responsible for the crate. You must also make sure that your German shepherd has a comfortable place to lie down.


If you’re planning to move your German shepherd to a new place, consider investing in durable dog crates for your pup. The crate should be sturdy and built with high-quality materials. Look for a double-door design and a sturdy dog tray. If your pup is a big breed, get a larger crate with a divider. Some crates even come with a carrying handle.

A large crate might not be the best option for your pup because he might feel uncomfortable in it. Besides, a larger crate may encourage your puppy to relieve himself in a corner. Thankfully, there are dog crates with caster wheels that protect floors and come with durable dog trays.

One of the best options for a crate for a German shepherd is one made of heavy-duty steel. Some of them have welded parts to prevent a wild dog from escaping, while others feature a removable plastic tray for easy cleaning. A sturdy design means your dog will have a comfortable and secure sleep environment while you’re away.

German shepherds are strong, sturdy dogs, so their crates need to be made of steel. Look for a steel crate that has a non-corrosive coating to prevent rusting. A high-quality cage should also have easy-to-move wheels that are locked to prevent escape.

One of the most important features of a durable German shepherd crate is the ease of assembly. A sturdy metal crate is the best choice for a large German Shepherd because it will withstand the pounding that your pup will give it. It should also allow for excellent ventilation. The German Shepherd breed does not experience separation anxiety and is a very loyal dog.

Crates for German shepherds are also useful for other large, active dogs such as Dutch and Belgian Shepherds. The key is to select the crate that matches your dog’s activity level. You want a crate that will allow your dog to exercise, have access to food, and play.

Plastic crates are also an excellent choice. They come with solid walls and are cheaper than wire crates, but are less durable. For short trips or stays at home, plastic crates are the better option. They are also easy to clean and lightweight.

Double-door style

When purchasing dog crates for your German Shepherd, you should focus on durability and ease of portability. Steel is always the best option and should withstand a lot of knocks and kicks. You also need to consider how light the crate is, especially if you plan on transporting it often. A crate with wheels is an obvious plus, but also consider how much weight it can handle.

Double-door style dog crates are easy to transport and set up. They have a sturdy construction with a lockable metal wire divider and removable floor pan. You can also find them in folding designs for smaller areas. Whether you are traveling or simply going out with your dog, this crate can be a perfect choice.

When choosing a crate, remember that it’s important to get the right size and type for your dog. Larger ones are better for fully-potty-trained dogs since they will have more room to stretch out and sleep. You should also remember that the crate needs to be in a convenient location. You don’t want to constantly move it around and disturb your dog’s private space.

When selecting a crate, consider the size of your German Shepherd’s body, its weight, and its energy level. This way, you can choose a style that’s comfortable for both you and your dog. When choosing a crate for your German Shepherd, remember that safety is the number one priority. It is important to keep your German Shepherd safe when traveling or while away from home.

German Shepherds need a sturdy crate with thick bars for maximum safety. It should also have a soft spot for your dog to lie down. A crate pad is also essential for comfort. If your German Shepherd does manage to escape, you should consider buying a heavy-duty steel metal dog cage.

The German Shepherd is a big dog. A 48″ x 30″ crate is the best size for your German Shepherd. Larger crates are also better for growing dogs.

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