Large dogs are not just big, they are bigger than your average dog. As such, they require a large crate. A good crate should be strong enough to withstand the pressure of a large dog that can weigh up to 100 pounds. A sturdy material like metal or plastic will be able to withstand such pressure. While it may be tempting to buy the cheapest rate available, remember that for your dog’s safety you want a durable and sturdy model.

A crate should have an opening that is large enough for your dog to enter easily. The door should also be sturdy enough so that it does not fall off or break when your dog pushes against it through the course of chewing or playing with their toys inside the crate. The door must also have some type of latch system so that it cannot be opened by accident.

The size of the crate should also be determined by how much room you have in your home or apartment – you don’t want to buy something too big or too small for what you need it for.

Best Dog Crates For Large Dogs

When choosing the best dog crate for your large dog, consider its size and strength. You’ll want to make sure that it’s durable and escape-proof, and it’s safe. Read on to learn more about different crate types and sizes. Then, find the perfect one for your pet.

Size of crate

Choosing the right size crate for large dogs is essential for keeping your pet safe and comfortable. You must first measure your dog’s height using a measuring tape or a piece of string. Most height measurements are taken at the withers or shoulders, but you should account for the height of your dog’s head. Another important factor to consider is the length of your dog, which is measured from the tip of its nose to the base of its tail. This measurement should be in inches.

There are several sizes available to fit your pet. Those that are designed for small dogs usually measure around twenty-two inches long and twenty-four inches wide. If you plan to use a large dog carrier, you can consider a medium size crate, which will be around thirty-two inches long and twenty-eight inches wide.

Choosing the right size crate for large dogs can be a difficult task. Large, heavy dogs require a large-sized crate with the strength to withstand all the force exerted by your dog. It is also essential to consider the type of material and the strength of the fixings. A crate made of metal wire and specially designed “L” bars should be sturdy enough to withstand your dog’s weight.

In addition to the right size for your dog, consider how you plan to use the crate. If you plan on traveling by car, you may want a crate that provides a cozy, private space for your pet. If you plan to use the crate inside the house, it should have enough space for your pet to stand up, turn around, and stretch its legs without becoming cramped.


When choosing a dog crate for your large dog, durability is of utmost importance. Large dogs are much stronger than small dogs, and a durable, metal crate is better than a soft fabric crate. While soft crates are okay for short periods of time while you watch your pup closely, you must never leave your large dog in a soft crate.

Heavy-duty dog crates are designed with thick steel bars and metal connectors. These crates should not have exposed or protruding parts, as this will encourage your dog to chew on them. While this type of burst-through strength is annoying for the dog owner, it can also be dangerous. Sharp metals on a crate can splinter and injure your dog, so look for one that is made of high-quality materials.

Extra-large breeds can also benefit from crates that are at least 48 inches in width. These crates are ideal for large dogs that weigh between 91 and 110 pounds. These large breeds include Airedale Terriers, Boxers, German Shepherds, Salukis, and American Bulldogs.

Large dogs may need a crate with removable trays. This feature makes cleaning after accidents much easier. A removable plastic tray is common in plastic crates, while a metal crate may not have this feature. Besides being lighter than a metal crates, plastic crates are often approved for air travel. One popular plastic crate is the Petmate Vari Dog Kennel, which has a durable plastic frame and good ventilation. Petmate’s heavy-duty plastic crate is also easy to disassemble and is available in five sizes.

Purchasing a durable crate for large dogs is important because it will last a long time. You should also make sure that it has removable dividers for easy cleaning. You should also consider the design of the crate.


Escape-proofing dog crates for large dogs starts with making sure the crate is assembled properly. Many dog owners make mistakes with the crate construction process, which leaves dogs open to easily escape. To avoid this situation, study the instructions carefully and follow them exactly. The size and design of the crate are important considerations since they can influence a dog’s behavior. Avoid using soft-sided crates, as these are too flimsy to contain an escape artist.

Heavy-duty crates with solid walls are more durable. However, they can be difficult to assemble. They should have strong sides and latches that are not easily chewed. Some crates feature removable pans for easier cleanup. Crates with wheels are also an ideal option.

A crate can help with separation anxiety. It can help to prevent your dog from destroying your house if they feel left alone. However, proper training is necessary to teach a dog to tolerate his crate. It is important not to use the crate as a punishment; instead, make it a welcoming place for him to spend his time. During the day, you can keep the door open and place a blanket or other comfort item in the crate to provide him with a comfortable environment.

When it comes to escape-proofing, one must keep in mind that flimsy metal cages are not recommended for use in large dogs. Even calmer dogs can chew through the weak crate, so a stronger one is better. Choose heavy-duty crates made of steel or aluminum. Do not use plastic for this purpose. Make sure that the metal used is military-grade – the latches must be welded and should not be riveted.

After a dog learns to use a crate as their personal safe space, it can be a great tool for preventing your dog from escaping. There are various reasons why dogs escape the crate, but the key to preventing crate escape is to provide your dog with entertainment while in the crate.


A crash-tested carrier is safer than a non-tested carrier because crash tests involve dummy pets being placed inside the carrier, simulating a crash. This method helps manufacturers of dog crates make sure their products are safe for use in vehicles. However, crash-tested dog crates are expensive and not ideal for every budget.

When choosing a crate for your large dog, safety is a top priority. You should choose one that is sturdy enough to withstand a collision, and it must have a secure door. A sturdy door will prevent your dog from falling through the window or doors, which can lead to an accident. Also, a mounted water dish will minimize the risk of spills.

In addition, the height of the crate should be high enough for your dog to raise its head, and it should be wide enough for its legs to turn around freely. Moreover, a well-built dog crate will have no sharp edges or cracks. Avoid cheap economy crates, because they may not be sturdy enough, resulting in sharp edges or fur-pinning cracks. Choosing the right large dog crate can help you avoid these problems and make traveling with your pet more comfortable.

A large dog needs a large crate that’s 38 to 40 inches long and at least 28 inches high. A metal crate is ideal for these dogs, and can also collapse for convenient storage. Metal crates are best for big dogs, but wire crates are also acceptable alternatives.


Depending on your dog’s size, dog crates can be expensive. Luckily, there are a few ways to keep the cost to a minimum. One way is to buy a dog crate that has a divider. This makes it easy to separate your dog from other furniture. It can also make traveling with your dog much easier.

When buying a large dog crate, make sure to get one made of high-quality materials. A good quality crate will last longer and prevent your dog from scratching your floors. You can also choose a portable model that can be easily assembled. Some crates come with a removable bottom pan. A Midwest model can cost around $30 to $40 at a pet store. The bottom pan can be removed, if you need to clean it.

Another great advantage of a crate is that it helps contain your dog when you are not home. This is a great option if you have visitors coming over. Exuberant dogs can be difficult to handle when they are around people. They can also be destructive when left alone. A crate is a safe place for your dog to hide and is an excellent option if your dog is nervous dog. It also helps keep your dog safe during storms.

A large dog crate is an absolute necessity for any owner of a large dog. Not only do they provide a safe place to sleep, but they can also be used for travel and crate training. Choosing the right crate for your pet can be tricky, so take your time and take measurements before you make the final purchase. Be sure to measure your pet’s height, length, and width. Once you know these measurements, you’ll have an easier time selecting the perfect large dog crate.

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