A dog training dummy is an object that can be used to train your dog, and it can be made out of different materials. Dummies that are made out of fabric tend to be more durable than those made out of plastic or rubber. You can also choose between dummies with a single hole or multiple holes depending on your preferences. It’s important that you choose one that fits your dog’s size so they don’t bite off more than they can chew.

The dog training dummy is an indestructible, interactive toy that can be used to train your dog or puppy to fetch and play. The toy contains a squeaker that keeps your pet entertained while they are learning new tricks. The dog training dummy has been designed to be soft and safe for your pet. It features a velour exterior with a soft foam interior that protects the delicate teeth of your pet. The durable material will not tear or rip easily, so you don’t have to worry about replacing it after just one use.

The training dummy is also lightweight enough for small dogs or puppies to carry around easily during playtime outdoors or indoors. This makes it ideal for use in multiple locations around the home as well as outside in parks/forests etc.

A plastic dummy is a great training tool for young dogs. These floatable, durable plastic dummies are adjustable with a valve that allows you to add water or air to change the weight. They feature textured knobs on the surface so your pup won’t bite them. They’re also BPA-free and available in orange, black, or white.

Sport Dog

When selecting a training dummy, you should consider the colors that you want to use. A bright orange color is a good choice as it stands out against any background. A high-visibility dummy will ensure that your dog is able to see it. Another color that works well is red.

A SportDOG Brand Canvas Training Dummy is an ideal choice for sporting dogs. This dummy is made to mimic real-life hunting conditions. It’s weighted for easy throwing and simulates the size, weight, and scent of a game. It also has an air valve to change its buoyancy and weight.

Training dummies come in two different sizes. Regular dummies measure two inches by twelve inches, while jumbo dummies are three inches by twelve inches. If you are training your dog to use a dummy to play fetch, make sure you choose the right size. Dummies come in a variety of colors and sizes.

Regular dummies are suitable for smaller games, while plastic dummies are appropriate for hunting larger games. A dummy that is the same size as a bird will help your dog become familiar with the object, and will eventually prepare it for hunting real game. However, it is important to remember that these dummies should only be used for practice, and not for actual hunting.

Retrieve-Rite Pro

Retrieve-Rite Pro dog training dummy is shaped like a mallard flying at 43 mph. This dummy encourages your dog to grasp the dummy properly. The dummy is three by eleven inches and is constructed from durable material.

This dummy can be purchased from desertcart. It ships to 164 countries and provides unlimited free shipping. With desertcart Plus, you can get your dog training dummy delivered to Antigua And Barbuda without hassles. The site uses the latest technology and software to protect your information.

Using Retrieve-Rite Pro dog training stymies is a great way to help your dog learn hunting tricks and retrieve objects. It’s not a gimmick and is proven to help hunting dogs become better retrievers. It’s also a great way to train your puppy.

A Retrieve-Rite Pro dummy is available in different sizes and features. It can cost a couple of dollars or several hundred dollars, depending on its capabilities. Some of them are even made to look like real game birds, and can even fly. While high-tech versions can be very realistic, traditional ones are more simple in design and made of canvas, cotton kapok, or chopped cork.

Lucky Launcher II

A dog training dummy can be a helpful tool in training a dog. These items have the sound of a gun or birdshot and can help teach blind retrieves. A Lucky Launcher II dog training dummy has an assortment of dummies that simulate different distances. It also comes with a pro whistle.

The Lucky Launcher II comes with a white canvas dummy, a white plastic dummy with a tail, and a cleaning kit. It also comes with 100 medium Vawter blanks. The Lucky Launcher II is guaranteed by the manufacturer for three years. However, the warranty will be void if you use power charges other than the ones recommended by the manufacturer.

A Lucky Launcher II dog training dummy can simulate many hunting situations. It is designed to mimic the firing of a shotgun and simulates the bang and launch of a dummy. It is also shoulder mounted, allowing you to keep your hand free to control your dog. It has everything you need to train your young dog.

The Lucky Launcher II is easy to fire. It can be cocked and fired with one hand, making it ideal for working alone with younger dogs. Its design features a pistol grip and a full-length stock. It also comes with a soft recoil pad.


A Retriev-R-Trainer is a useful aid for training retrievers. These training dummies are specially designed to be power-thrown a great distance, so they can be used on land or in the water. You can throw them in multiples, doubles, and triples to train your dog to retrieve from a distance.

The Retrieve-R-Trainer comes with a launcher, a red oval long-distance dummy, and a tube of 100 medium blank charges. A cleaning kit is also included, as well as a custom-fitted carrying case. However, a few things need to be kept in mind. First, these dummies are restricted shipping items. They can only be shipped within the US48 via UPS Ground. Moreover, they cannot be shipped the next day, 2nd day, or 3-day.

Retriev-R-Trainer Large Soft Mouth Trainer

The Retriev-R-Trainer is a large soft-mouth dog training dummy that is made with S-Grips, which give your dog a more comfortable grip when holding the dummy. The dummy is made of soft plastic and can be inflated and deflated. A unique feature of the dummy is the New Soft-Mouth Trainer ™, which simulates the feeling of the mouth and head of a real bird.

The Retriev-R-Trainer is an excellent training tool, especially if you want to train your dog by yourself. Its unique launcher helps you to throw the dummy up to 90 feet, which is the distance at which your dog should learn to retrieve it.

DT Systems

The DT Systems Large Soft Mouth Trainer Dummy is an excellent training aid for dogs that need to learn to use a soft mouth. It features special S-Grips that help your dog grasp the dummy with a softer grip. It is also made from soft, pliable plastic that resembles a real bird. It can be inflated for optimum comfort.

The Soft-Mouth Trainer is designed to prevent slipping, allowing your dog to use less downward pressure on it. A free throw rope is included to reinforce the training. The DT Systems dog training dummy is made in China, which raises concerns about its supply chain. As such, the company’s online store has sold out of many items. However, the site is updated twice a day during the week.

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