Spring is finally here and after a full winter season of fly tying, it is time to replenish my materials. I have shopped at fly shops throughout the country, but Waters West in Port Angeles, WA has the best selection and quality of hooks, feathers and furs that I have ever found. Whether tying a classic salmon fly, a foam-bodied hopper or a swimmy saltwater bug, this place cannot be beat. Much of the dying is done in house and the colors are spot-on. Plus, the staff is incredibly knowledgeable. 

Fly dressing is the art of using materials like natural furs and feathers and turning them into fishing flies using specialist tools and  vices. We have everything required with stunning ranges from major manufacturers like Semperfli and Veniard – stunning tools kits, the best in scissors and bobbin holders for sale and delivered world-wide. Hooks are the essential starting point so we stock stunning Kamasan, Veniard Osprey, Partridge in 25, 100 and 1000 packs plus Umpqua’s range at stunning value with 50 hooks in a packet with their magnets to stop the hooks falling out, check our range of hooks. Featuring one of the most complete Fly Tying Material selection available on the web. Featuring natural and synthetic materials including hooks, hackle, CDC, feathers, marabou, dubbing, beads, eyes, rubber legs , chenille, synthetic wing fibers, hair, skins, tinsel, thread, wire, wing case materials, yarn, cements and more!

  • Fly Tying Brushes.
  • Flash Materials.
  • Fly Pattern Material Kits.
  • Foam & Rubber Materials.
  • Fly Tying Hooks.
  • Glues & Adhesives.
  • Miscellaneous.
  • Synthetics.

Uses/benefits of Best Fly Tying Materials:

1- about 8 inches or 20cm long each

2.This fiber will take the creative fly tier to places as yet unknown because no synthetic fibers have this much life in the water. I did take the time and effort to blend the colors for a perfect match of that specific baitfish pattern. These fibers can be used to imitate the intricate color patterns of various baitfish that attract any predator fish.

It’s the perfect fiber to tie small patterns, especially small minnow, to attract the most worried wild trout. The action in the water of these fibers can be described as a synthetic marabou feather

3. Various colors available.

Key Features of Best Fly Tying Materials:

1.To help you cut braids and line easy and quickly, from thin monofilaments to stiff-coated braids.

2. Intricate Serrated Ceramic Blade, easy to cut. 

3. Ultra Sharp, wear-resistant, cut 2000times, still Sharp.

4.No Rust,  no corrosion. 

5. Portable, light-weight, ergonomically design handles

6. Non-magnetic

7. Rounded edges to keep safe


Elastic and stretching thin skin
Color: 10 colors for your option.
Clear, Pink, Blue, Black, UV Green, UV Orange, UV Yellow, Brown, Purple, Red.
Length: 2 meters/b
Width: 3mm & 4mm

Prices of Best Fly Tying Materials:

$0.84 – $1.85

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